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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 07/19/2014
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MNA General Meeting Minutes
July 19, 2014, 10:00 a.m.
Wildflower Terrace Auditorium, 3801 Berkman Drive

Steering Committee Members Present: James Nortey, Chair; Janeka Rector, Vice-Chair; Sandy Parks, Treasurer; Karen Sharp, Secretary; Ani Colt, Helen Walker, David Neider, Mateo Barnstone, Susan Egan

Steering Committee Members Absent: Kathy Sokolic, Past Chair; Tim Moriarty, Lucky Berry, Corky Hilliard, Kevin McGillicuddy

1. Welcome - James Nortey, Chair

2. Treasurer’s Report – Sandy Parks
a. Recognized Kat Malcolm, all the volunteers and sponsoring businesses for the July 4th event and announced that only $60 was spent of the MNA funds!
b. The current bank balance is $7,755.07.

3. New Business
a. Austin Community College Highland Campus Presentation – Brette Lea, Executive Director of Public Information and Marketing
ii. ACC serves 8 counties and purchased Highland Mall for redevelopment and expansion of the ACC offerings.
iii. ACC bond election is coming up (Nov. 2014) which is primarily focused on the Phase 2 of the development.
iv. The Highland Campus is one of ACC’s largest campuses, with capacity to serve 6,000 students in its first phase. Phase 1 is the former J.C. Penney’s building entrance and includes a Math Emporium. The grand opening of phase 1 is August 27, 2014! Construction crews carved a 170-foot-long skylight above the main stairwell to flood light through the second floor and to the first floor – home to the library and the “ACCelerator,” a computer lab the length of a college football field. Student and emergency information will flash across flat-screen monitors that dot the building’s walls.
v. Phase 2 (related to the Bond Election) Designed to respond to rapidly changing training needs and grow strong community partnerships. Total bond is $350 million which is 2 cents addition to property tax. Seniors get $115,000 homestead exemption.
Considerations for phase II include:
• Regional Workforce Research and Development Center
• Regional health sciences and STEM simulator lab
• Professional incubator space
• Digital/Creative Media Center
• Culinary/Hospitality Center
• Continuing Education classrooms
• Convocation and performance space
• Conference center
vi. Phase 3 - Austin Community College says it will enter a public-private partnership with tech company Rackspace Hosting that will move 570 of Rackspace’s Austin employees into ACC’s Highland campus, formerly Highland Mall.
1. Rackspace — a San Antonio-based cloud management company — plans to open its Highland offices in late 2015 in a renovated space that was formerly home to Dillard’s. Rackspace said it also expand its local workforce there in the future.
2. Helen - grew up in Austin. First cohort in ACC. ACC formed foundation to get degree at UT and then Master’s
3. Meaghan - as educator, how does tuition work pay by semester
a. $67 per semester hour

b. Bertha Sadler Means Young Women’s Leadership Academy – Dr. Ivette Savina, Principal
ii. There are two brand new single gender schools: Bertha Sadler Means Young Women’s Leadership Academy (formerly Pearce Middle School) and Gus Garcia Young Men’s Leadership Academy (Formerly Gus Garcia Middle School).
iii. Focus on getting students to transition to early college high schools.
iv. Principals are re-staffing both schools. Training staff on model of single gender education. If instructional strategies cross over between girls and boys those strategies are taught to both school staff.
v. Research has shown that in middle schools with mixed genders, girls’ focus shifts to focus on how perceived by others rather than on strict achievement of learning goals. The single gender school helps maintain focus on learning.
vi. Dr. Savina indicated she has lot of community support.
c. Berkman Traffic – Luke Downs
ii. Downs has lived on Berkman for five years and became concerned when Berkman was opened up to connect from Manor Road to 51st in June 2013
iii. High traffic volume and speed is present on Berkman and is a safety issue
iv. It is dangerous for bicyclists, pedestrians, dogs, and cats
v. Catellus held a meeting on June18th with residents and presented final design of road with a split road and median down center. Catellus is aware of issues and are coming together with short-term solutions and long-term solutions for final design.
vi. Short-term solutions include repainting the current road with more available parking further from intersections to allow better line of sight. Also, interactive speed signs will be added to provide drivers with info on speed to let people know when they are speeding.
vii. Long term solutions include roundabouts but haven’t come to final conclusions
viii. Catellus will be holding meetings for wider Mueller community. Note: The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 14th from 6:30 pm. – 8:00 p.m. at Our Lady’s Maronite Catholic Church at 1320 East 51st. Street
ix. There are also plans for dedicated bike lanes. There are some cycle tracks now and they will eventually run from 51st to Manor on both sides of Berkman.

d. Pool Committee – Phil Burns. Design strategy for new pool in new section is to have kid’s pool - which may not work well. Designed depths are 3 ft 9 inches and temperatures of 92 degrees in the summer. Highest depth is 5 ft. If you have comments, please provide to Jennifer Harvey. Catellus plans to have pool more ADA compliant with better access

4. Transportation Updates – Mateo Barnstone
a. Viva Streets Update
ii. Viva Streets organization has decided they are looking at Mueller as next site for event. Viva Streets concept shuts down road for autos for a few hours.
iii. Road closure allows opportunity for neighbors to come out and interact for events including music/bands, bbq pits, ping pong, whatever we want to do.
iv. Tentative date is October 26th. Tentative route would start around the Thinkery and Lake Park and then route via Mattie to Paggi Square and then back along Ella Wooten.
v. Would be held on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
vi. MNA will participate in the activities. We have a committee to talk about what that might look like. If you are interested see Mateo.
b. TXDOT mobility issues. TXDOT is working on a plan to deal with issue on I-35 to add an extra lane from San Marcos to Georgetown.
ii. There are concerns on the section from MLK to Airport including the implementation of Superstreets and removal of exits and entrance ramps from upper deck. There will be a connection to Airport Blvd one way or the other
iii. TXDOT will be here next month to discuss. There will be ample opportunity to discuss and ask questions.

5. Website Committee Update
a. Since launch, 400 people have visited the site. Creating an MNA website has long been on the list of goals for the MNA – we are finally achieving that goal!
b. Site includes a list of helpful numbers, a membership application with Paypal online payment, a grant application, new resident checklist, helpful links, an events calendar, Mueller weather station and more!
c. Check it out at
d. On the “About MNA” link you will see links to all minutes of the MNA general and steering committee, back issues of Front Porch Flyer, modifications application and guidelines and more
e. There is a “Join MNA” link from the entry page
f. Citicite is still active and available, as well as the Facebook site for Mueller
g. The official forum of the MNA is now, which is the official site for neighborhood communication from the City of Austin and the Travis County Sheriff’s Department
h. Question? Can you make anonymous post on Nextdoor? Answer: No, All posts on Nextdoor are validated that you are a resident of the neighborhood.
i. James recognized the Website Committee for their hard work including Meaghan Regier, Bill Kirwin, Dennis Mick and David Neider.

6. James adjourned the meeting and invited neighbors to stay to hear from Council Member Chris Riley, candidate for District 9 Council seat and Steve Adler, candidate for Mayor

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