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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 06/21/2014
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Mueller Neighborhood Association
General Meeting 6/21/14 10 a.m.
Seton Administrative Building

Steering Committee Members Present: Sandy Parks, Treasurer; Karen Sharp, Secretary; Helen Walker, Dave Neider, Mateo Barnstone, Kevin McGillicuddy, and Lucky Berry

Steering Committee Members Absent: James Nortey, Chair; Janeka Rector, Vice Chair; Ani Colt, Susan Egan, Kathy Sokolic, Corky Hilliard, and Tim Moriarty

1. Meeting called to order by Dave Neider at 10:05 a.m.

2. Treasurer’s Report - Sandy Parks. Balance is $7951 before today’s deposit of membership dues received

3. RMMA PIAC Update – Mike Jones
a. Meetings are normally the second Tuesday of every month
b. The June meeting consisted of updates of ongoing issues, almost all of which are related to transportation
i. An update from TXDOT was anticipated this month but have yet to hear back from them
ii. Concerns about traffic and speeding on Berman were discussed with Catellus. There is consideration of creating roundabouts on Berkman as a traffic calming measure but it has yet to be decided
iii. Discussed the Parking Management District. The creation of the Parking Management District was recommended by the PIAC. Council passed a resolution to create the district at Mueller – sponsored by CM Riley and co-sponsored by Mayor Pro Tem Cole and CM Spellman
iv. . See resolution and IFC here:
v. Initial guidelines are under development by the consultant, Nelson Nygard
vi. Primary concern is to ensure uninterrupted access to Lake Park
vii. Lake Park is a well designed park and many of the design elements could be replicated across the city

4. The Care Communities - Roger Temme, Volunteer Recruitment Director
a. The Care Communities was formed in 1991 to provide practical, non-medical, compassionate support to those living with AIDS in the Austin area. In 1997 the focus was expanded to include cancer.
b. A Care Team is a group of three to six volunteers who work together in providing non-medical care to a Care Partner (person living with cancer or HIV/AIDS)
c. Care teams offer non-medical assistance such as light housekeeping, shopping, meal prep, supportive child services, yard work, transportation and pet care as well as emotion support and companionship.
d. To help the Care Communities continue their work you can sign up as a Care Team volunteer or make a charitable donation.
e. Each Care Team volunteer is asked to attend a three hour training session and then commit to five hours of volunteer activities per month
f. To learn more about Care Communities or to volunteer or make a donation go to or call 512-459-5883

5. July 4th event update – Kat Malcom
a. The July 4th event is sponsored by the Mueller Neighborhood Association and a lot of people are involved in putting on the event
b. This year’s parade will be staged at 9:30 a.m. at Paggi Square (Robert Browning between Ruiz and Page Streets) Resident Brandon (last name?) will play the trumpet “Revelrie” at 10 a.m. to begin the procession. The parade will progress from Robert Browning to Mattie to Ella Wooten Park.
c. The basketball court at Ella Wooten Park will be the Mueller “sound stage” for residents’ performances including Jessie Berkowitz, The Simon Family Band, and Mt Pressmore. Bring a lawn chair and enjoy the music!
d. There will be an apple pie bake off with six judges. The winning piemakers will receive trophies and the first place winner will receive a $50 gift card from HEB. Winners will be announced at 11 a.m.
e. Frost Bank will bring the Melting Cone ice cream truck with 600 cones for our event!
f. The pool party will be going on between 10 a.m. to Noon – no lifeguard on duty so resident rules apply.
g. HEB is also donating watermelon for the event and Joe Denton will be lending his knife skills to slicing the melons.

6. Residents Activity Committee announcement – Kat
a. The next social hour will be July 30 at the Haymaker with appetizers provided by the POA. Note: Resident’s Activity Committee functions are funded by the Property Owner’s Association, not the neighborhood association. Kat noted that the last happy hour was fun and well attended.

7. Updates from the Steering Committee
a. Update on Berkman – Dave
i. Catellus held meeting last week with Berkman residents. Catellus is reevaluating what they can do to make Berkman safer.
ii. Catellus will host a neighborhood wide event to discuss Berkman traffic and potential solutions.
iii. Luke Downs is leading the charge on this issue and we will invite him to a future meeting to provide an update.

b. Mobility 35 Update – Mateo Barnstone
i. The TXDOT proposed plan for I-35 between MLK and Airport was created without stakeholder input.
ii. Mueller as well as other neighborhoods have been asking for a working group similar to the Downtown Austin working group.
iii. On June 26th the City Council will vote on Item 90, directing the City Manager to ask TXDOT to create a working group for I-35

c. Rail Initiative Update – Dave
i. The current plan on the table has been approved by the Central Corridor Advisory Group (CCAG) and has been presented to the City Council and the Cap Metro Board
ii. Cap Metro will take action on the proposal on June 23 and the City Council will take action on June 26
iii. At the meeting of the City Council on August 6 the City Council will determine what will go on the bond package.
iv. The route as proposed currently goes right by Hancock Center on Eastern edge with potential connection to Mueller in the future

d. Grant Policy – Dave
i. The Steering Committee has been working on a draft grants policy to answer how do we best foster community in the neighborhood
ii. Kat asked to have resident input and Dave stated he would find a way to do that

e. Website Update – Dave
i. Meaghan is the leader of the Website Committee
ii. The main website will be a landing page with navigation to other pages of interest
iii. Will eventually replace Citicite with Nextdoor for resident forum, event posting, etc.
iv. Kevin asked about Nextdoor. Dave stated that Nextdoor is a web app created for use by neighborhoods. Dave also talked about the benefits of having an app created with neighborhoods in mind; validation for neighbors to ensure that posts are not anonymous; and, the ability to send posts to either Mueller only or to surrounding neighborhoods as well.
v. Dreux LaViolette expressed concern about transitioning away from Citicite and Dave suggested that we would demo the new website and Nextdoor at a future meeting. Dreaux was interested in having input into the decisions. Dave invited him to join the Website Committee meetings. Meaghan stated that this Thursday is the next meeting of the committee.
vi. Meaghan stated that the issue is not that Citicite is not appreciated; it is that the features of Nextdoor are designed specifically for neighborhoods and better meet our needs
vii. Kat stated that currently having to post events on three different pages – Citicite, Facebook and Nextdoor is cumbersome – one place will be much simpler
viii. Dennis stated that making changes is better now while the neighborhood is half built out rather than waiting
ix. Helen acknowledged that there are folks working incredibly hard and that there is a tremendous amount of volunteerism in the group
x. Note from Secretary: More information about Nextdoor can be found at this link to the press release from the Mayor and the County Sheriff recommending the use of Nextdoor:’s-office-join-nextdoor-enhance-connectivity-neighborhoods Also, check out and explore the site

8. Announcements
a. Nhat Ho - The City is rewriting the land development code (Code Next). As part of the rewrite is a Communities Character manual. All neighborhoods are being asked to provide input about the good aspects of their community.
i. Dave stated that because Mueller is already seen as a model of best practice in neighborhood planning, our involvement in the Code Next input intiative may not be as involved as other neighborhoods.

9. Adjournment at 10:45 a.m.
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