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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 05/17/2014
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Mueller Neighborhood Association
General Meeting 5/17/14, 10 a.m.
Wildflower Terrace

Steering Committee Members Present: Janeka Rector, Sandy Parks, Kathy Sokolic, Helen Walker, Susan Egan, Dave Neider, Mateo Barnstone, Kevin McGillicuddy, Ani Colt, Corky Hilliard, and Karen Sharp

Steering Committee Members Absent: James Nortey, Tim Moriarty, Lucky Berry

1. Meeting called to order by Vice-Chair Janeka Rector at 10:05 a.m.

2. Treasurer’s Report - Sandy Parks. Balance is $8,728.37; Front Porch Flyer is coming out soon which will cost $650; Bike to Work Grant Expenses and coffee will be less than $200.
a. Paypal will be available in the coming weeks for collecting membership dues - Janeka

3. RMMA PIAC Update – Carol Drennan
a. Meetings are the second Tuesday of every month
b. Last meeting the primary topic of discussion was the parking district. Council Members Riley and Spellman are sponsoring a resolution to establish a Parking Management District at Mueller
i. Overall look at parking and transportation within subdivision
ii. Explore ideas such as residential parking permits, metered parking in certain places, shared revenue concept, increased wayfinding and signage, maintain certain amount of free parking around Lake Park

4. Volunteer Opportunities at Brackenridge Hospital –Tia Tyler McCurdy
a. Brackenridge is part of Seton Family of hospitals and is the #1 trauma center in Central Texas with a mission to serve the underserved.
b. Brackenridge has state of art technology and will partner with new medical school.
c. There are many volunteer opportunities including an elite corp of volunteers called Ambassadors who liaison between staff, patient and families.
d. #37 bus line provides easy access from Mueller
e. There is an application online and pre-volunteer requirements include a national background check and immunization records.
f. Brackenridge volunteers receive annual flu shots
g. For more information go to

5. New Medical School and Teaching Hospital – Chris Attal, Director of Development, University Medical Center
a. Partnership between UT, Seton and Central Health.
b. New hospital will not be any larger than Brackenridge because the goal and philosophy is to keep people well and out of the hospital.
c. Executive Director Dr. Clay Johnson is re-envisioning how new doctors are trained. More emphasis in on collaboration between professions and sharing information via mobile devices, etc.
d. The Innovation District will include the medical school, teaching hospital, biotech companies, etc. and is anticipated to generate 15,000 jobs of all types.
e. Traffic is an issue everywhere including with this project. There is no defined border of the innovation district yet.
f. Doctors tend to stay/live within fifty miles of where they train. Residents can stay home (Austin) and get care from specialists.
g. The philosophy of the hospital will be to look at the whole person, as such, will be inclusive of alternative therapies.
h. To learn more go to

6. Update on Parking Management District and Viva Streets– Council Member Chris Riley
a. Historically parking is an issue that has not been served well by public policy. The policies from the 40s and 50s did not end up working well for the pedestrian. There are issues all across Austin and across neighborhoods. Believe parking will become more and more of an issue.
i. Nelson Nygard has been working on a Parking Management District plan which was presented to the PIAC.
ii. CMs Riley, along with Council Member Spellman and Mayor Pro Tem Cole have sponsored a resolution to create a Parking Management District at Mueller at this week’s Council meeting. See resolution and IFC here:
Revenue would flow back to the neighborhood. Part of revenue generation would be metered parking such as the downtown kiosks. The revenue would be directed back to neighborhood amenities. The neighborhood would decide on which amenities. Could be sidewalks, lighting, etc. The West Campus parking benefit district is successful using this model.
iv. Future parking kiosks could include signage letting people know that when they pay for parking it is going back into neighborhood improvements.
v. The neighborhood would work with the City. Could be the MNA, the PIAC. Would need to work with the neighborhood to decide the decision making process. It would not just be Catellus.
vi. Meters might not be needed quite yet but a time may come. If parking utilization is 85% then people are having to drive around to look for parking.
b. Viva Streets is an international phenomena that is also occurring in Austin where streets are shut down, usually on a Sunday, and neighbors come out and have social gatherings in the streets. There have been two such events on East 6th. Preliminary discussions have taken place with Catellus and they are on board with idea of Mueller having a Viva Streets event. The conversation will continue. To learn more about Viva Streets go to

7. TXDOT Meeting Update – Mateo Barnstone - Work session held with TXDOT for all neighborhoods between MLK and 51st
a. Not much new information
i. With superstreets off the table, don’t know the alternatives
ii. Exits have to be taken out. MLK and 15th streets are on list
iii. Forces traffic onto frontage roads
iv. Creates more problems at the intersections that were trying to be resolved by superstreets
v. TXDOT will get back with everyone.

8. Urban Rail update – Dave Neider
a. Rail connection under the redline near Hancock will have an impact on any possible future connection to Mueller.
b.The current open air channel solution is projected to cost $220M.
c. Project connect team is looking at additional more cost effective ways to accomplish the redline crossing. They are considering both an at grade and a flyover crossing.

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