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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 04/19/2014
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Mueller Neighborhood Association General Meeting
April 19, 2014
Wildflower Terrace Auditorium

Steering Committee Members Present: Janeka Rector, Ani Colt, Sandy Parks, Tim Moriarty, Lucky Berry, Dave Neider, Kevin McGillicuddy, Mateo Barnstone, Karen Sharp

Steering Committee Members Absent: James Nortey (at Egg Scramble!), Kathy Sokolic, Helen Walker, Corky Hilliard, Susan Egan

Vice-Chair Janeka Rector called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.

1. Treasurer’s Report – Sandy Parks
a. Current balance is $8470.75. Upcoming expenditures ( Egg Scramble bills and the spring edition of the FPF) will total approximately $1000-$1100. The Egg Scramble grant was approved for $400, and the FPF printing costs will be about $600-$650 depending on the number of copies. The FPF staff is writing the spring edition, and it will be out in a few weeks.

2. PIAC Update - Mike Jones
a. I-35 corridor issues. Letter went to City Council about concerns regarding off ramps, super street concept. Thanked City Council for passing resolution to direct City Manager to keep goals of Imagine Austin and East-West connectivity at the forefront of planning. Read resolution here:
i. TXDOT public hearing at end of this month regarding I-35 plans
b. Latest Catellus update on public school, no conclusions. Looking at how to build schools without using bond funds. Looking at options for finding support from third parties
c. News from DMA. Plans for second of three affordable housing projects, workforce focused, 90% affordable, apartments with 200 units. Currently applying for other tax related incentives for building the project. The third affordable housing project unit will be focused on families – expect to hear more in the future
i. Carol Drennan - The DMA project (second affordable housing project) would be up by the HEB
ii. Question about the price of living in Austin going up. Is there consideration of building more affordable housing? Mike Jones hasn’t heard of anything else additional.
iii. Carol Drennan stated that the Master Plan calls for 25% affordable housing
iv. Question about any other planned housing for people of a certain age. Mike and Carol were not aware of any plans
v. Dusty stated that the 25% goal is a value of our community

3. Sergeant Romero introduced Officer Brian Robinson as a new neighborhood rep for Mueller. Officer Robinson is a native of Austin, a former Parks Department Officer and has 21 years in law enforcement.
a. Officer Robinson stated that Mueller is in Charlie 3 region. Region’s latest crime analysis has the lowest overall crimes in the City. Lowest in major crimes, burglary, auto theft, etc.
i. Main complaint is parking. Ofc. Robinson met with Dee with Catellus, City traffic engineering and the Fire Department. APD has been writing citation for parking violations.
ii. Dee had asked about speeding on Berkman. APD has written quite a few speeding tickets.
iv. Contact Officer Robinson at or call 512-974-7715

4. Council Member Kathy Tovo. CM Tovo is running for election at Council Member representative for District 9. She has lived here for 23 years, parents of 6 and 7 year olds.
i. Tovo stated that she is a champion of affordability, leader in pushing back on Austin Energy rate increase. Also voted again unnecessary incentives to bring in companies to Austin.
ii. Tovo voiced concern about the trend of families moving out of the central city because of affordability. This trend has had tremendous impact on central city schools (some of which) have been proposed to close.
iii. Have to work with school district to sustain central schools. She has and will work hard on that issue.
iv. To contact Kathy Tovo reach out to her at City of Austin address: To ask her questions about her candidacy find her on her Facebook site.

5. Council Member Chris Riley –CM Riley is also running for Council District 9.
a. Riley thanked the association for the work on pushing back on TXDOT’s plan for I-35. Discussed the Reconnect Austin plan and latest proposal to focus efforts on downtown corridor, reducing lanes there and constructing a cap over I-35 area only in the downtown area and connecting East-West over the cap with I-35 underneath. Similar to Dallas project. Said that additional property value gained from those improvement would somewhat defray the cost of project
b. Discussed Viva Streets phenomena, which is occurring worldwide. Close down segments of streets between 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. on a Sunday to enjoy the street without cars. East Cesar Chavez Neighborhood Association has held event on East Sixth Street. North Loop is looking at holding event as well. Thinks Mueller would be good neighborhood to try this concept as well. Find out more at
i. Mateo asked how we could make it happen. Riley is willing to work with us on making it happen. CM Riley can be reached at

6. TXDOT Update - Mateo Barnstone next week will have an update and will post it on Citicite and Nextdoor.
a. Last fall TXDOT proposed an I-35 Capital Area Improvement Plan that would have resulted in severing East – West connectivity, implementation of a superstreets concept and removal of exit ramps.
b. A committee was formed to examine and discuss the concerns with the proposal. A letter was sent to TXDOT noting concerns and requesting a meeting to discuss alternative approaches.
c. Proposed that TXDOT form a true working group including businesses and neighborhood association representatives from this area. The downtown Austin working group has had tremendous impact on TXDOT’s plans.
d. The City Council passed a resolution directing City staff to keep in mind the Imagine Austin plan, to value east-west connectivity and to keep neighborhoods involved in the discussion. Thanks to Council Members for the resolution.
e. Mateo has been meeting with other neighborhood groups. The Upper Boggy Creek NA has proposed having a working group in the absence of TXDOT forming one. Includes Mueller, Blackland, Cherrywood, Dellwood, Wilshire, Windsor Park, etc. The group has formed and is known as the North Central I-35 Neighborhood Coalition 2 (NCINC2). Check out the web site:
f. Recent developments include that TXDOT has has announced in last two weeks plans to keep the St. John’s and Woodland exits open and that they are taking “Super Streets” off the table.
g. Next week there is a meeting with TXDOT and also a May 1st work session for neighborhood representatives from MLK to 290. This work session is limited to three delegated from each neighborhood. We will report back to the MNA. This work session may lead to the formation of a formal TXDOT working group.
May 1st work session for neighborhood MLK to 290.
h. Meaghan noted that Mateo serves as chair of NCINC 2, making Mueller an integral participant with our nearby neighborhoods.

7. Project Connect Update – Dave Neider.
a. Dave provided update on rail planning discussion regarding route options that cross the Redline tracks near the Hancock Center. Two options have been proposed for getting across the Redline tracks. Option 1) Tunnel 41st and Red River - straight up Red River until they connect with airport. This is the West Tunnel option. Option 2) Rail takes right in front of Hancock and then comes up close to frontage road and dips down and go into tunnel. Station East of Sears. The East Tunnel station would provide an option of a transfer to the Redline. This option could also include a stub out for line going to Mueller in the future. West Tunnel option is not advantageous for Mueller; East Tunnel is. Steering Committee may take formal position on this later. Project consultant to make recommendation to CCAG on 5/2. CCAG will make recommendation to City Council in June.
b. Next Saturday is Earth Day. Project Connect will have a significant presence. On May 2nd Project Connect will give recommendations to an advisory group at City Hall from 130 – 330 p.m. A discussion will be held on alignment of Riverside to UT. Bus rapid transit or rail? On May 16th there will be a meeting to discuss cost and governance of rail. Who will operate? Cap Metro? City of Austin?

8. KLRU screening of East Austin Reveal – a documentary about East Austin, history of segregation and desegregation. – Janeka
a. Will air around the 25th. Provides some context for current friction between new residents and those who have lived in this area for a long time. The Civil Rights era is relevant to what’s happening in our neighborhood today.
b. Follow the link to clips from East Austin Revealed: There are clips but not the whole documentary available here from the production company:
And the subsequent, hour long panel discussion with many notables:

9. Announcements
a. All Muellerites are invited to attend the second annual block party for one of the newest sections of Mueller: McBee/Ruiz/Page/Mattie/Robert Browning. The party will be on Sunday May 4th from 4:30-8:30 on Ruiz Street. Come out, have a good time, and get to know some of the newbies. Bring a dish or desert to share.

b. Camacho Street will gather for its 6th annual celebration on Saturday, May 3rd from 4:00PM to 6:00PM. A potluck dinner will be shared on the grassy area at Camacho & Antone St. Please bring lawn chairs or blankets and a dish to be shared. Friends of the Camacho St. residents are welcome to join us as well.

c. Healthy get together to set health goals, HEB Sunday at 2:00 p.m., 90 minutes. Sponsored by Yoga Care Foundation – Ani Colt

10. Adjourn – meeting adjourned at 11:05 a.m.
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