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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 03/15/2014
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MNA General Meeting
3/15/14, 10:00 a.m.
Seton Administrative Building

Steering Committee Members Present: Kathy Sokolic, Helen Walker, James Nortey, Kevin McGillicuddy, Corky Hilliard, Ani Colt, Lucky Berry, Janeka Rector and Karen Sharp

Steering Committee Members Absent: Sandy Parks, Dave Neider, Tim Moriarty, Susan Egan, Mateo Barnstone

Meeting Called to Order at 10:00 a.m. by James Nortey

1. Treasurer’s Report: Janeka Rector for Sandy Parks
a. Grant application approvals as follows:
i. Kat Malcom for Boomer Chili Cook-off-$30.85
ii. Teresa Plutko for Scales Block-$150
iii. Betsy Hilton for Bike to Work - $75 (Bike to Work sign)
b. Our MNA bank balance as of March 10 is $8294.73
c. Membership for new and renewing members is only $5. Please join!
d. We review grant applications every month so if you have any idea for an event or need for the neighborhood please send in your application.

2. Announcements – James
a. Egg Scramble coming up in April. Is usually held close to Easter, which is on 4/20 this year. Need volunteers to help organize. Please let James know if interested.

3. Front Porch Flyer (FPF) Update – Helen Walker
a. Click here to see Helen’s presentation
b. The FPF committee would like to come on a regular basis to provide an update. Dusty is the chair of the committee but is absent today.
c. Neighbors receive the FPF on their doorstep quarterly. Can always use more volunteers, for writing articles or delivery. Please see Woody if you are interested, or email
d. May want to consider electronic version in the future. The demand for advertising space if high and there is a waiting list of businesses that want to advertise.
e. There is also an online archive on Citicite that provides a combination of what has happened, the history and how it’s progressing (Frosty Walker)

4. RMMA PIAC Update – Carol Drennan
a. The PIAC meets the second Tuesday of every month at the Carver Library.
b. The last meeting was devoted to the topic of traffic, specifically the TXDOT I-35 Capital Improvement Plan and parking at Mueller. The City Council passed a strong resolution over a week ago supporting the necessity of opposing plans that do not allow for connectivity between East and West Austin. Follow link to resolution:
c. Corky Hilliard and Mike Jones are also members of the PIAC.
d. TXDOT has presented three options for future plans to eliminate current Airport and 51 St. exits. The three options included exiting at 15th street and taking feeder or other routes to get to Mueller, a new exit at Barbara Jordan (which is not large enough to accommodate that much traffic), or a new 53rd street exit with gooseneck. All options present large concerns.
e. TXDOT has expressed willingness to listen to anything the neighborhoods have to say. Will create a working group including all affected neighborhoods to come up with alternatives and present to TXDOT.
f. The parking plan for Mueller has multiple options not just one solution. Solutions include neighborhood parking permits for streets that abut Lake Park and Town Center, valet parking, metered parking.
g. PIAC members are pleased with activity at Lake Park. People are coming from other areas of the City. There is a concern about potentially asking people to pay to park to come to the lake, creating a virtual gated community.
h. We plan to create a map of free parking in the area and assure people that want to use park that there will be alternatives to paid parking (Corky)
i. We aren’t the only neighborhood with concerns about I-35 plan. Neighborhoods are forming a working group to leverage concerns including Windsor Park, Cherrywood, and Blackland. (Mike Jones)
j. City Council members have been very responsive and supportive, particularly Laura Morrison, Chris Riley and Sheryl Cole.
k. James asked about the parking on the grass at the Farmer’s Market on Sunday – he has received concerns about it. Carol said this was discussed at the PIAC and they do not believe it’s a good idea for people to park on the grass on Airport Blvd.

5. James welcomes new member of MNA – Mariela Guittierez who is the Manager of the Capital One Bank.
a. Mariela addressed the group regarding the importance of community involvement to Capital One and how pleased they are to be at Mueller

6. Dr. Xuemei Zhu of the Department of Architecture at Texas A&M University made a presentation to the group on the health impacts of walkable communities. Her research includes a study of the Mueller neighborhood.
a. View the presentation at:
b. Dr. Zhu asked if the MNA thought they would be interested in participating in follow-up research. Those present indicated positive interest.
c. Helen wondered if Dr. Zhu could write an article for the Front Porch Flyer to which she said she could.

7. Announcements
a. Patricia Budack, who lives at Wildflower Terrace (WT), announced a new group at WT called “current affairs”. The Current Affairs session is held the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 630 p.m. in the Terrace Room. The sessions are going very well, allow members to share what they know and expand knowledge and involvement. Current Affairs is open to all!
b. Meaghan Regier discussed the current expansion of the newer area of the development and that Section Six is almost complete. New block captains are needed to ensure that the neighborhood is cohesive.
i. James stated that we are in the process of bolstering the block captain efforts.
ii. Janeka indicated that Kevin McGillicuddy is the person to talk to – he is the captain of the block captains!
iii. Corky stated that the Steering Committee is looking at how to reenergize and integrate the new neighborhood areas and renew the block captain structure.
iv. Janeka and Kathy Sokolic are meeting to look at a Welcome Wagon concept.
c. Helen asked that if anyone owes dues or wants to join MNA to see her or James after meeting.
d. James reminded that the membership forms are available at every meeting.
e. Kathy reminded all about the Mueller Garage Sale on March 29.
f. The Scales Block Party will be April 12

8. Meeting was adjourned at 11:00 a.m.

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