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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 01/18/2014
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Meeting Minutes
Mueller Neighborhood Association General Meeting
January 18, 2014, 10:00 AM
Location: Wildflower Terrace

MNA Steering Committee Members Present: Cynthia Cammack, Ani Colt, Grant Fisher, Corky Hilliard, Kevin McGillicuddy, Kat Malcom, Dennis Mick, David Neider, James Nortey, Sandy Parks, Janeka Rector, Kathy Sokolic
MNA Steering Committee Members Absent: Belinda Roberts

a. Ballots and candidate descriptions distributed at the door by election committee members.
b. Diane G. asked for additional nominations from the floor. No nominations made.
c. Each candidate stood and was introduced.
d. Ballots were completed and collected.

2. TREASURER’S REPORT -- Sandra Parks
a. Dues monies and FPF monies have been arriving daily at the PO Box the past several weeks. At January 18, 2014 the MNA checking account balance is $7079.58.

a. PIAC – Carol Drennan
1. Future of PIAC; PIAC has been extended until the end of the Mueller project, approximately 2020.
2. Traffic issues – want to work with TxDOT and urban commission on limited access to hospital. The City’s signal dept is overwhelmed by rapid bus work, so 2 planned signals for Mueller will be Feb at earliest.
3. PIAC is supporting, in principle, workforce housing apartments for affordable housing.
4. Construction update – AMLI completion early 2015, Performing Arts Center end of 2014, infrastructure around Wildflower Terrace by end of 2014, continuation of SW greenway 2014/2015 early.

b. Project Connect – Celso Baez from CapMetro
1. Rail - tech committee recommended current rail plan (Highland, E Riverside). Now working to identify mode (rail, streetcars, etc.) to use. Hope to have rec by June and decision by August, with elections in November.
2. In answer to question about best way for neighborhood to influence decision, answered that attending public meetings is crucial. Feedback on website also important. Important to be present and vocal at meetings. Janeka, steering committee member who worked on MNA rail subcommittee, issued request that Mueller community attend meetings and influence long-term decisions about rail in a positive way, earlier phases were heavy with negative experiences and communication.

c. Sarah Eckhardt
1. Introduced herself as candidate for Travis County Judge in the May Democratic Primary. She shared experience and platform.

d. Workforce Housing Project – Diane McGiver, DMA Properties
1. Interested in comments and questions from Mueller residents.
2. This year scoring criteria favors high opportunity areas more than last year; Mueller neighborhood not considered in this category.
3. DMA Properties submitted pre-application
4. Location would be near HEB, target population income about $24,000 for one person to $45,000 for small family, different from affordable housing currently in Mueller. Believe many people in this income range who work in Mueller.
5. Will return to Feb 15 meeting with more detailed information and will ask for support from MNA.
6. Points from Q&A –
i. DMA does have another plan in case the plan described above falls through?
ii. Neighborhood support: Letter of support is critical to grant application, Resolution of support from city council is a new criteria that is also critical
iii. Support Services: services at Wildflower are geared toward its target population of independent seniors. After opening, discovered that some residents had needs beyond independent population and recently contracted with Family Eldercare to come on site 2 half days a week for residents who want to work with them. For new site, would develop services for target population and then would reevaluate after startup. Examples of services provided at some communities include art classes, education, scholarships, and social services.
iv. Question on electricity billing at Wildflower, and the transparency of the billing. DMA VP and General Counsel, Janine Sisak answered, saying that Catellus and the City required one external electric meter with apartment-level sub-meters for the Wildflower building due to aesthetic concerns. Sub-meters are read by a separate, contracted company for billing of residents. There have been some complaints, and Wildflower management is planning a meeting to discuss with residents.

e. Austin Children’s Shelter – Donna Norris Wood and Cathy McHorse
1. Expanding residential programs for children and families. Have added Care Academy – hope to involve Mueller residents.
2. Full time child development and family support center targeting needs of children 3 months to 5 years. Plan for diverse community. Will offer subsidized childcare. Would like to involve Mueller residents, including having children enrolled at Care. Will offer community events. Open house next Saturday, Jan 25, 9 AM-noon.
3. Also welcome volunteers as there will be new volunteer opportunities

a. Dennis announced new Steering Committee members. They are: Mateo Barnstone, Lucky Berry, Ani Colt, Susan Egan, Corky Hilliard, Kevin McGillicuddy, Tim Moriarty, Dave Neider, James Nortey, Sandy Parks, Janeka Rector, Karen Sharp, and Helen Walker
1. After the general meeting, the Steering Committee met to elect officers. James Nortey – Chair; Janeka Rector – Vice Chair; Karen Sharp – Secretary; Sandy Parks – Treasurer.

b. Corky thanked Kathy for her leadership in helping MNA make friends and become known across city.

1. Activities that are subsidized by monthly dues to POA include social events and twice-yearly neighborhood garage sales. Kat asked for volunteers who would like to be a part of this and help plan social functions. Events posted to Mueller Facebook site and to (Citicite).
2. Block party on Page St next Saturday, January 25th 4 PM with food, drinks, and fun.
3. Girl Scout cookie booth at Lake Park next Saturday, January 25th, 11 AM-3 PM, would like any Mueller Girl Scouts to participate.

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