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The Mueller Redevelopment is the dynamic result of many stakeholder-groups. As such, it can be confusing to grasp the many moving parts and the purview of each organization. Below is a list of the larger organizations and their contact information

1 The Mueller Neighborhood Association and the MNA Steering Committee
2 The Mueller Neighborhood Coalition and RMMA-PIAC
3 Catellus
4 The Mueller Community Association and Alliance/Associa Community Management
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The Mueller Neighborhood Association and the MNA Steering Committee
This organization represents the Mueller residents, both property owners and renters, and the surrounding community. They hold monthly meetings to discuss neighborhood and development issues. Meetings and other MNA events should be publicized on The MNA is governed by a 13-member steering committee who can be contacted at

The Mueller Neighborhood Coalition and RMMA-PIAC
As the Mueller airport was getting busier and sought further expansion, a group of neighborhoods surrounding Mueller banded together to publicly discuss the ramifications and publicly oppose the airport's expansion and lobby for finding an alternate airport site. Upon successful closure of the Mueller airport in favor of the creation of the Austin Bergstrom International Airport, the City of Austin asked those same neighborhoods for guidance as to how to proceed with the redevelopment of the Mueller airport site. Those neighborhoods formed the Mueller Neighborhood Coalition and the City convened the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport Plan and Implementation Commission, a group of citizens charged with keeping the Austin City Council appraised of Mueller's progress.

The city's website for the RMMA-PIAC is here:

If you wish to interact with members of the surrounding neighborhoods on Mueller area issues, consider joining the RMMA-PIAC's Yahoo Group here:

The City of Austin contracted Catellus to be Mueller's master developer in 2002. Catellus has worked with the various Mueller stakeholder organizations to abide by the Mueller Design Guidelines. Current public-facing employees of Catellus include Senior Vice President Matt Whelan and Marketing Managers Deanne DesJardin and Jessica Guerra. General inquiries regarding the Mueller Redevelopment can be made to and development updates can be found at Mueller Austin

The Mueller Community Association and Alliance/Associa Community Management
The Mueller Community Association was created to both maintain the amenities at the Mueller Redevelopment and manage the community governance functions set forth in recorded covenants of Mueller. Alliance/Associa was selected to manage the operations of the Mueller Community Association. Alliance/Associa collects dues from property owners and administrates the policies of the Mueller Community Association. Alliance's primary representative to Mueller stakeholders is Jennifer Harvey, who serves as the Mueller Community Manager. She can be reached at

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