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Mueller Babysitting Co-Op
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The Mueller Babysitting Co-Op is a local group of parents sharing babysitting services with one another in the Mueller Community. The Co-Op works on a system of bartering rather than monetary exchange and was first detailed in a community meeting on August 17th, 2008.

Please note that the information on this page is subject to change without notice.

1 How the Co-Op Works
2 Co-Op Guidelines
2.1 Babysitting Bucks
2.2 Location and Time
2.3 Expectations
3 Getting the Co-Op Started
4 Contact Information

How the Co-Op Works
Most of us at the meeting have never been in a babysitting co-op, so we are new to the process and thus learning what system will work best for our community. Basically a co-op works by gathering a group of parents together who trade time watching each other's kid(s) and are paid by co-op bucks. We ask that when requesting a babysitter from another parent to always be explicit if you are asking for babysitting or just a simple play date. Babysitting, in general, is a formal request for another parent to watch the kids while the parent(s) go out.

Co-Op Guidelines
The following guidelines outline how the Mueller Babysitting Co-Op operates.

Babysitting Bucks
Someone in the community has designed the babysitting bucks. The bucks should be laminated with a hole punched in the corner.

1) Each babysitting buck is worth 1/2 hour of service
2) Each family will receive 10 babysitting bucks per child (equivalent of 5 hours per child)
3) A 15 minute late window is allowed before another 1/2 hour is charged

The Co-Op is still open to different names for 'Babysitting Bucks'. If you have any suggestions, please send them in.

Location and Time
The person asking for the sitter is responsible for making clear the desired location of babysitting be it at child's home, the
sitter's home or whatever works best for the sitter. The person asking for the sitter also should be clear about duration of sitting.

All members are expected to provide behavior guidelines, emergency numbers, etc. with the babysitting parent. Marissa
Miller is working on an information sheet for parents to provide the sitter about each child. These will be available on the site once they have been finalized.

'NO' is always an acceptable answer to babysitting requests. No excuses ever need to be offered. Requests can be sent to the group in general via e-mail or can be by phone.

Getting the Co-Op Started
We thought one more social event might be in order before the co-op officially starts. At that event, we will pass out the babysitting bucks (anyone have a better Mueller orientated name for these???) and get to meet more people and kids. Hopefully, we can meet at the end of August or beginning of September to get started.

Once the co-op starts, a follow up meeting will be scheduled to determine what modifications need to be made.

Contact Information
If you are interested in participating, please e-mail Jenna Martin at
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