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Mueller area restaurant locations and reviews
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A list of non-global-chain restaurants in the Mueller area, some basic reviews and their location.

For more reviews, there are several popular review websites including:

Urban Spoon: and

1 Manor Road Area
1.1 Alayna's Tacqueria
1.2 Red house Pizza
1.3 Hoover's
1.4 El Chilito
1.5 Mi Madre's
1.6 El Chile
1.7 Vivo Tex-Mex
1.8 Pizzeria La Boca
2 Airport Blvd
2.1 Burger Tex
2.2 Quality Seafood
2.3 Stallion Grill
3 I-35
3.1 Amaya's Taco Village
4 Hyde Park
4.1 Quack's
4.2 Our Daily Juice
5 Triangle
5.1 Chedd's
5.2 Mandola's
6 Lamar
6.1 Central Market
6.2 Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Company
7 Burnet
7.1 Stallion Grill
7.2 Amy's Ice Cream
8 UT & Guadalupe Drag
8.1 TerraBurger
8.2 Slices & Ices
8.3 Amy's Ice Cream
8.4 Trudy's Tex-Mex

Manor Road Area

Alayna's Tacqueria
2611 Manor RD.
Best breakfast tacos in town. Cash only. take away only. bacon, egg and cheese is highly recommended. Huge tacos for under $2.

Red house Pizza
1917 Manor
Used to be Stortini- now is just Pizza and is REALLY GOOD! The menus is pretty basic- the pie is flat crust type. More of a gourmet type pizza joint. I don't think they deliver (yet?) but its only 3 min away from Mueller

2002 Manor
Comfort food. Awesome. Long wait at peak times. Jalapeno Spinach is fantastic. Meatloaf only so-so. the chicken fried foods are great. Desserts are worth it. healthy size portions, may not be healthy for you.

El Chilito
2219 Manor
expensive take away tacos. food is decent. Good horchata. puffy tacos are good. migas are decent (some would say "divine"). outdoor patio with ceiling fans.

Mi Madre's
2201 Manor- An excellent Mexican place, renowned for the breakfast and breakfast Tacos

El Chile
1809 Manor - Started by alums of Jeffrey's, the west Austin fine-dining place, El Chile features mostly interior Mexican cuisine (although you can still get fajitas, if you must). The mole poblano is excellent, maybe the best in town. Fair margaritas, good salsa.

Vivo Tex-Mex
2015 Manor - Yer basic Tex-Mex. Seems to be frequented by a heavily UT student crowd. Food was OK, nothing to write home about. Puffy tacos came out soggy and falling apart (but they usually do, don't they?). HUGE and very potent margaritas (but why do they have to float a damn flower in it?). There's a very nice outdoor seating area with lots of vegetation and flowers when the weather is nice.

Pizzeria La Boca
5706 Manor Road
Awesome GIANT calzones. Pizza. Good prices. They deliver to Mueller.

Airport Blvd

Burger Tex
5420 Airport
Fuddruckers knock off. Good size burgers, normal tasting fries. Only Bulgoki burger in town, which is really good. Really dark bar upstairs called barfly's.

Quality Seafood
5621 Airport
Fresh seafood to take home and cook or menu to eat in. All the fried sea crustations you expect. Decent.
Tuesdays are $2 fish tacos and $2 pints with local draft brew! 6-9 pm

Stallion Grill
5201 Airport Boulevard
They call it BBQ, but I'd call it Southern food - tasty homestyle cooking; zero ambiance. Take the family, not a date.


Amaya's Taco Village
5405 N I-35 (Capitol Plaza) - I have a good friend and former Austinite who, for decades, has had to go to Amaya's Taco Village for breakfast every time he comes to town. I endure without complaining. Place used to be pretty far east on 5th or 6th, but moved to Capitol Plaza about 10 years ago. The migas are OK, but there are certainly better choices in town. Enchiladas are of the thick-tortilla variety, which I detest. There are always huge crowds here, and you can count on at least a 30 minute wait at peak times, so my taste clearly doesn't align with a lot of folks'. Its great virtue is that it's really cheap. Menus here


Hyde Park
Our Daily Juice


Central Market
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Company

Stallion Grill
Amy's Ice Cream

UT & Guadalupe Drag
Slices & Ices
Amy's Ice Cream
Trudy's Tex-Mex
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