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Inspection Checklist
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There are a number of things that you'll want to check for during your new house inspection. We have compiled a short list for people to print out and bring with them.

As a reminder, check everything and please remember that your builder and their agents do no represent your interests. They are hired as agents for the builder and represent the builder only.

1 Inspection Checklist
1.1 Exterior and Landscaping
1.2 Plumbing
1.3 Garage
1.4 Interior

Inspection Checklist

Exterior and Landscaping
Ask them to turn on your sprinkler system and then walk around to make sure all sprinkler heads are on, functional, (including those around trees) and aimed at the right places.

Have any brown, distressed or dead landscaping replaced.

Run ALL faucets, and tub/shower spigots to make sure they run with high pressure,drain quickly and do not leak around the fixtures or pipes under the sinks ( best to fill the sinks all the way up then drain and feel the pipes/look for drops).

Flush all toilets, with paper if possible to make sure not obstructed.

Make sure garage door opens and closes smoothly without squeaking or screeching.

The whole place should be spotlessly clean from top to bottom.

Make sure all doors close and open without rubbing and that the dead bolts lock and unlock without having to be forced or jigged.

Make sure all lights come on and stay on.

Turn all ceiling fans on high WHEN YOU START WALK THROUGH, and let them run the whole time. Check before you leave to make sure there is NO Noise shaking or wobble whatsoever as they spin.

Make sure there is no sagging or drooping sheet rock on walls or ceilings. This will appear as uneven when light or sunlight is reflecting on it.

Run the dishwasher, microwave and disposal for some time to make sure they operate.

Look carefully at all windows and arches and doors to make sure they are square and plub.

Look at house from front across the street to make sure all columns, windows, porch pickets, etc are square and balanced.

Make sure all cabinet doors (kitchen and baths), are square and open and close correctly.

Make sure all windows open, close, and lock with ease. Also check to make sure that they do not slide out of the frames when opening.
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