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The Front Porch Flyer (older revision)
The Front Porch Flyer (older revision)
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The Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) publishes The Front Porch Flyer, a quarterly newsletter. The editor-in-chief is Elizabeth Butman, and editorial board members are Devin Gonzales, Drew Harris, Dusty Harshman, Jessica Palvino, TJ Palvino, and Garreth Wilcock.

The current issue can be downloaded directly here:
MNA-Newsletter-3.1.pdf files/Uploads/9/MNA-Newsletter-3.1.pdf

1 History
2 Articles
3 Underwriting
4 Archives

The inaugural October 2008 issue was published and distributed the weekend of September 28. In 2009, the Front Porch Flyer expanded from four to eight pages. In 2010, the FPF again expanded by four pages to twelve.

Regular columns include an update from the MNA and "Gardens and Greenery" by Janelle Dozier.

Contributions to The Front Porch Flyer are welcomed. Please email if you would like to write an article, become a columnist, or make a suggestion.

Publication of The Front Porch Flyer is supported through MNA membership dues and underwriting from advertisers. If you would are interested in advertising in an upcoming issue, please email

If you are a Mueller stakeholder interested in purchasing physical copies of the newsletter to distribute to your clients, please contact the newsletter team to learn about the opportunities to buy in bulk in the next production run.


The Front Porch Flyer, Volume 1, Number 1, October 2008: MNA-Newsletter-1.1.pdf files/Uploads/9/MNA-Newsletter-1.1.pdf

The Front Porch Flyer, Volume 1, Number 1.5, Special Edition on Proposition 2: Prop2Flyer.pdf

The Front Porch Flyer, Volume 2, Number 1, Winter 2009: MNA-Newsletter-2.1.pdf files/Uploads/9/MNA-Newsletter-2.1.pdf
The Front Porch Flyer, Volume 2, Number 2, Spring 2009: MNA-Newsletter-2.2.pdf files/Uploads/9/MNA-Newsletter-2.2.pdf
The Front Porch Flyer, Volume 2, Number 3, Summer 2009: MNA-Newsletter-2.3.pdf files/Uploads/9/MNA-Newsletter-2.3.pdf
The Front Porch Flyer, Volume 2, Number 4, Fall 2009: MNA-Newsletter-2.4.pdf files/Uploads/9/MNA-Newsletter-2.4.pdf

The Front Porch Flyer, Volume 3, Number 1, Winter 2010: MNA-Newsletter-3.1.pdf files/Uploads/9/MNA-Newsletter-3.1.pdf
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