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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 9/7/2010 (older revision)
Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 9/7/2010 (older revision)
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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 9/7/2010 (older revision) from citiCite Pages
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Reminder that the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) steering committee (SC) is open to all MNA members. The next steering committee meeting is scheduled for Oct. 5 2010 at 4124 Lawless at 7:00 p.m.

MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes – 7 Sept 2010

Steering Committee Attendees: Dennis Mick, Betsy Hilton, Kat Malcom, Diane Gierisch, Don Dozier, & Mary Piette
SC members absent: Kathy Sokolic, Michael Adams, Grant Fisher, Kerry Fisher, Drew Harris, Mike McGovern, & Jim Nieto
Guests: Carole Mick, Larry Plutko


I.Welcome & Introductions. We didn't have enough steering committee members present to have a quorum so no official actions were taken.

II.Treasurer’s Report – Kerry reported in advance that our balance is $1669.34. The upcoming Front Porch Flyer had been printed and updated software purchased. We discussed possible methods of encouraging more households to join the MNA. PayPal might make it easier for some folks, as might envelope inserts in a Front Porch Flyer edition.

III.Existing Business

a.Sidewalk endorsement – Discussion about the need for sidewalk to serve a desired Capital Metro bus stop (route 350) on Airport at Zach Scott. Members present would like to know more about Cap Metro's long term plans related to Mueller. The issue was discussed but no action was taken since a quorum was not present.
b.Transportation Report – Betsy serves on Catellus' transportation committee. Items discussed here were:
- Speeds on Zach Scott and Antone. Possible solutions discussed include:
* options to slow traffic on Zach Scott, including a 4-way stop sign at Camacho (pedestrian entrance to Lake Park)
* mini traffic circles to slow traffic on Zach Scott and Antone
* raised crosswalk on Antone at Ella Wooten Park
- Sight distance at regional retail center driveways
- One-way vs. two-way alley operations
c.Neighbor Night Out (NNO) – Tuesday Oct. 5th. Large gathering at Ella Wooten Park from 6-7pm, followed by block parties starting at 7:00. In 2011, Mueller is the planned hub for NNO activities in East Austin. Fire, EMS, and even a helicopter are planned for a gathering at the hangar next year.
d.Grant Applications – only one had been received by Dennis and Sept 7 was the deadline. The one application was being split into 2 separate applications because it was over the $100 limit. No decisions were made regarding how to proceed.
e.Welcome Committee– Discussed at a previous meeting to help educate those moving in on Mueller POA requirements, etc. No action was taken but let us know if you could help with such an effort. Perhaps a card with summary information could be printed and distributed by the block captains.

IV. Upcoming Meetings – General meeting will be Sept. 18 at Wooten Park. Potential speakers/topics discussed included Jim Walker to discuss lessons learned from Phases 1 and 2, and/or an update from the Mueller Education Action Team (MEAT). Ideas for future meetings included a meeting possibly focused on transportation issues, maybe in October.

The meeting adjourned about 8:45 p.m.
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