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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 7/10/2012 (older revision)
Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 7/10/2012 (older revision)
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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Steering Committee Minutes 7/10/2012 (older revision) from citiCite Pages
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Steering Committee Meeting
4001 Mendez St.
July 10, 2012
7:00 pm

1. Introductions, call meeting to order – all (5 min)
a. Present: Diane, Kathy, Kevin, Ashley, Betsy, Travis, Candice, Jerry, Dennis,

2. Review and Approve Minutes - Candice (10 min)
a. Kathy moved
b. Dennis seconded
c. Approved

3. Treasurer’s Report & transition - Diane (5 min)
a. $4437.80 cash balance in bank
b. There was an electronic vote on June 17 approving expenditure up to $150 for 4th of July festivities

4. Existing Business - various (30 min)
a. Local Area Traffic Management - Berkman options (Travis)
i. Speed cushions and/or speed humps are proposed to reduce speed on Berkman where it was found that appx 85% of traffic was exceeding the speed by appx 4 mph
ii. Suspected that we will not be a high priority
iii. Proposed speeding cushions may interfere with master plans for street
iv. Discussion on whether SC thinks it would be appropriate for the street/area
b. Review of July 4th festivities (all)
i. Good turnout + favored responses + lots of gratitude
ii. Suggestions for future – more music during the parade (a band) + start planning earlier
c. Urban rail
i. It was good that Don represented neighbors’ interests. Still need to hear from Mueller more and more often.
ii. Transit working group meets on Fridays. More details available online
d. 51st St. vision
i. Fallen off Managers’ package, but still on other proposal.
ii. Call to action to remind committees of benefits of the vision implementation to Mueller and neighbors.

5. New Business (10 min) (if any)
a. CASA Superhero Run (respond to City)
i. Request from CASA to hold run in neighborhood (map was provided)
1. Kathy moved that we approve request
2. Travis seconded
3. Motion carried
b. Accommodating growth in ad-hoc groups (Betsy)
i. Discussion of whether this is an MNA concern or not and how/if we should address it
c. Mention of SC terms expiring at the end of this year.

6. Action Items (5 min) (if any)

7. Plan for July 21 general meeting (10 min) - Brewster confirmed
a. Betsy will be out, but Kathy will run the meeting
b. Reminder to bring CASA flyers
c. Reminder to mention where neighbors can find information on social groups + space for new groups + mention of
d. Suggestion that we communicate to MNA members to request approval to solicit donation
e. Suggestion that all event host present a business plan/proposal to SC for approval
f. Discussion of pool issues
g. Discussion of voting facilities available

8. Additional Business/Open comments - all

9. Adjourn
a. Diane moved we adjourn
b. Candice seconded
c. adjourned
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