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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 8/18/2012 (older revision)
Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 8/18/2012 (older revision)
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General Meeting
Wildflower Terrace
August 18, 2012
10:00 am

1. Welcome (Betsy)
a. Thanks to Kathy for leading last month’s meeting
b. Recognition of new members & attendees – Betsy

2. Treasurer’s Report (Betsy in Diane’s absence)
a. balance of $4472.20
b. invitation for any non-members to join

3. Announcements
a. Shout out to Dennis Mick and Texas Ramp Project for making our voting location, Messiah Lutheran on Cameron, accessible to persons with disabilities
b. Mueller Education Action Team meeting on September 4th for presentation by Trustee Christine Brister on single-sex school proposal
c. 51st St. Vision made it into upcoming bond package
d. Steering Committee elections will be in January - be thinking about whether you want to serve and/or whom to nominate.

4. Neighborhood Watch – APD’s Officer Antoine Tarver
a. Introduction to Curtis LaFaitte, a resident who contacted APD about setting up a Neighborhood Watch program at Mueller, along with Officer Tarver and Lt. Todd Gage.
b. Presentation by Tarver
i. Neighborhood Watch is about Responsibility, Accountability, and Efficiency as well as “storming, norming, & performing.”
ii. Signs: must be purchased by MNA. Public Works will survey the area and install them for free
iii. Uniforms: It is up to the neighborhood to choose color and design
1. They send a message to criminals
2. Instills a sense of security within the neighborhood
iv. Racial Profiling: Neighbors need to discuss the difference between racial profiling and criminal profiling
1. Criminal Profiling is taking action based on suspicious behavior
2. We should avoid acting inappropriately based on racial perception
3. We should avoid vigilantly behavior
v. Remember we are a Neighborhood WATCH program – NOT Neighborhood ENGAGE.
1. The neighbors can serve as the eyes and ears to facilitate protection and safety
vi. If you observe criminal or suspicious activity
1. Trust yourself and cautious instant
2. Report it to APD
3. Allow APD to engage (professionals only). NO NOT ENGAGE. WATCH ONLY.
vii. Q & A
1. What does “watching” mean? It is up to the neighborhood to identify a plan and implement it per area
2. Has there been a marked increase in crime in the area? Yes. This could be a crime increase or an increase in reporting it.
3. Can analysts provide criminal data? Yes, it is available now.
4. Are there any regulations or liability? City ordinances and state statutes will always apply. We need to consider whether we associate the proposed Neighborhood Watch with MNA.
c. LaFaitte & Jerry met with officer Tarver and developed a manual.
i. Goal: improve safety and security of neighborhood (related to crime)
ii. Means: effective communications via block captains (to-be-redefined) and a chief liaison between neighborhood and ADP (Lafaitte)
iii. Deterring crime through visualization and communication
d. There are off-duty APD officers watching the neighborhood now. There are no established plans to change that
e. Interested neighbors were provided a sign-up sheet

5. Meeting adjourned

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