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Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 11/17/2011 (older revision)
Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes 11/17/2011 (older revision)
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Mueller Neighborhood Association Meeting
November 17, 2011
Browning Hangar

A. Welcome
1. No new members present to introduce

B. Treasurer’s Report

C. Austin Children’s Museum Update (Mike Nellis, Executive Director)
1. Science & technology focus for newborn children up to age 11 with expansive, interactive exhibits
2. 40,000 sq ft 2-story facility (double the size of the existing museum) + 2500 sq ft outdoor exhibit space near the paceo
3. Will be located across from the playscape (where Austin Playhouse tent is now)
4. Construction slated to start summer of 2012 and will take appx 16 months
a. Catellus has committed to have infrastructure ready prior to breaking ground
b. Museum will be one of the first buildings in Mueller Center and serve as an anchor for the center
c. Beck is the General Contractor, same as for Ronald McDonald House
5. Expecting 250-275 patrons visiting between 9am-5pm weekdays and 10am-5pm weekends each
6. Parking will be located behind the new Austin Playhouse, which will be directly behind museum. At first, it will be designated for museum patrons, but site will eventually turn into a parking garage for all patrons of the area
7. Non-profit organization that receives funding through both donations and ticket sales. Neighbors are encouraged to spread the word about the museum and contributions can be made online at

D. Solar Decathalon – Betsy (Steering Committee Chair)
1. There is an existing program in Washington DC in which 20-25 teams compete to build homes with the best utilization of solar energy. Program has worldwide attention and is looking to move the project to a new city each year. City of Austin is considering volunteering to house the program in 2012. Mueller could be a potential site, using undeveloped land.
2. Candice McKay moved that the MNA submit a statement of support of this programin Mueller to the City of Austin.
3. Kathy Sokolik seconded the motion
4. Motion carried

E. MNA By-Laws Under Review – Don Dozier (Steering Committee Treasurer)
1. Steering Committee will meet next week to approve proposed changes to the the bylaws. Then, bylaws will be submitted to a vote by the General Membership. 2/3 of a quorum is required to approve the changes. (appx 18 people make a quorum). Exising bylaws and proposed changes will be posted online.
2. Most significant changes include:
a. Changing the fiscal year
i. In anticipation of this change, dues will not be collected this month (Nov), but will be collected by the end of January
ii. Each individual resident 18-years-old or older can become a voting member of MNA. Voting members are no longer limited to one-per-household.
• MNA is considering lowering membership dues from $10/household to $5/individual to accommodate this change, but that will not be in the bylaws.
iii. Quorum will be changed from 5% of membership to 20 members and up for review each year.
iv. New Steering Committee position for immediate past chair as a non-voting member to help facilitate a smooth transition from one year to the next. This position will also serve as representative for Austin Neighborhood Council.

F. Meetings Review
1. PIAC – nothing else new to report
2. POA – Annual meeting was fairly well attended. Thanks to those who sent in proxy. There was nothing to vote on except previous meetings’ minutes – which were approved.
3. 51st St – notes from the last meeting were posted online. As designs for development for 51st St are underway, it has been important for developers to sync up on design plans for building facades, etc. Plans include proposed pedestrian and bike lanes to help connect neighborhoods.
4. Windsor Park Neighborhood Association – Thanked Mueller for our support against proposal from bank to build site with drive-through lanes. Their meetings are held one week prior to General MNA meetings. Next meeting will be at 10am on Saturday, December 10, at Nomad. A large illustration of the 51st St development plans are anticipated to be on display.
5. Pecan Street – nothing new. Ramping up for next phases

G. Front Porch Flyer Announcement

H. Next Meeting and Holiday Party – December 17

I. Additional Items

J. Adjourn
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