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Name: Mueller Economic Curmudgeons Club
Community: Mueller Community
Moderator: langhugh
Description: Who knew Mueller would be home to so many Econ-geeks?
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Welcome to the Mueller Curmudgeons Club!
by langhugh on September 18th, 2008
or the Mueller dismal sciencists...much like Chris Martenson, PhD. His "Crash Course" presentations are gaining a lot of attention among those that see the US's economic glass as half-empty, but he concisely and cogently pulls together all of the pieces that have confounded my economic brain. He was a neuro-scientist by training, he allegedly left a life of high executive comfort at Pfizer to communicate his analysis to anyone who would listen, becoming sort of an economic survivalist.

Unfortunately, the likely outcome of his analysis includes an American currency collapse and severely damaged standard-of-living for us all. As I started listening to him as a still-proud American, I wanted to call "BS" on his "sky-is-falling" rhetoric, but I slowly found that I could not. I still hold out hope that we humans can solve the monetary, energy and environmental problems detailed, but, I can only agree with his conclusion that the next 20 years provide an unprecedented set of unique challenges.

I highly recommend his "Crash Course" series (watch it over a couple of days), even if you don't think you'll agree -

On a more humorous note, here is a very funny cartoon:
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paulsjv wrote
on June 22nd, 2009
I wish I would have seen this group earlier! I really enjoy reading and learning about economics. :) Milton Friedman is the man!
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langhugh wrote
on November 3rd, 2008
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