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Name: Guitar/bass/vocal/beginner drum lessons in Mueller
Community: Mueller Community
Moderator: Jaybird3YC
Description: Hello everyone, I moved into Mueller at the end of December 2008. I have been working with children throughout my professional experience, through music and a social work degree. I am currently taking new students, and I am available to teach both adults and children. I can provide educational material as well as instruments during the sessions, and my location and times are flexible (I could provide lessons in your house, if you want). I charge $25/hour, which you will find is a deal compared to the $40/hour (or per half-hour) + fees that you will see out there. The music lessons will morph as you/your child decides which direction should be pursued, and integrates recording sessions, as well. I also have places to plug you in to play with other people, when you're ready!

Teaching Abilities:

• Improve/theory in guitar and bass guitar, based on 13 years of professional experience.
• Vocal coaching and beginning trapset drumming (rock drumming).
• Concepts of multi-track studio recording in live and studio overdubbing settings.

Professional Music Experience:

• Ten years experience recording/producing multi-track studio and live concert music.
• Performed live music in Austin in original projects (Atomic Alive, The Lindsay Wells Band, The Charla Corn Band, Three Year Charm and more), cover projects (The Band in Black, Acoustic Avenue, wedding/dance). Jason has performed with acts such as Earle Pool Ball, The Apologetix, Sounds Under Radio, Buzz Cason, Ember, and more.
• Has formally lead worship bands for over 7 years, including a staff worship leader position at Red River Church since July 2006.
• Pioneered a monthly youth workshop teachings children ages 12+ guitar, bass guitar, trapset drumming, piano and vocal harmony techniques to be used in a live band setting, while working at Red River Church.
• Over 5 years formal/informal counseling with students of all ages (5-17, as well as college students) at Red River Church, Burnet Middle School, foster children with The Bair Foundation, and college ministry Hope Student Life.

Would love to work with you!

Jason Birdwell
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on October 29th, 2013
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