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Name: Muellers Fit Club
Community: Mueller Community
Moderator: Kineticfittrainer
Description: Fitness and health minded (or maybe wanna-be minded) people desiring great tips, exercises for home and at the park, drills for fat burning, metabolism shockers, and fun ways for the family to exercise are all talked about during this time. But, the workout comes first!


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NMsol wrote
on March 10th, 2012
Are there any plans to start a CrossFit group at Mueller?
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Kineticfittrainer wrote
on April 5th, 2009

To all interested in Fitness and Wellness, there will be an introductory Family Fitness Session the LAST FRIDAY in April.

Find out how you can encourage and bring your family to a heightened fitness level, fleeing from high cholesterol, diabetes, insulin sensitivity, fatigue, and insomnia. I tackle the issues from an internal perspective and bring you to health and fitness in a comprehensive manner.

Are you ready to change your life and being your family to the pinnacle of potential health?
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NMsol wrote
on March 29th, 2009
My family will be moving to Mueller in October and I would love to get involved now. Let me in on the times and place.
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Kineticfittrainer wrote
on March 18th, 2009
Hello group

I need to find out from all of you if there is more interest now that weather has been warmer, to hold a fitness camp out there!

Who is in so far? Price will be a total of $15 a session x the number of sessions we have per month. The dates would now be for April and will be in the hours most can make it...I am developing this camp based on a need basis. Throw out some times you can commit to, I will start getting this together! =))
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NMsol wrote
on March 9th, 2009
Are you still meeting? When?
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NMsol wrote
on March 9th, 2009
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JennaMartin wrote
on February 2nd, 2009
Are you having another session? If so, I am interested. Time? Date? Costs?

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Kineticfittrainer wrote
on November 6th, 2008 Mueller blvd, AUSTIN, TX &daddr=4550 Mueller Boulevard, Austin, TX 78723&ie=UTF8&z=17

We will meet at Mueller Lake Park Playground every other Tuesday Night at 6 PM.

There will be a awesome workout gauged to your specific needs and then a conversation (lasting about 15 min) afterwards. Total time=1 hour.

Please sign in and become a member to participate. The first meeting will be held if 3 or more show. =)
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