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POA Board meeting notes 30 July 2014
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Mueller Community

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POA Board meeting notes 30 July 2014
by Betsy on July 30th, 2014

POA Board meeting July 30, 2014

Present: Dee Desjardin, Carl Paulson, Betsy Hilton, Fei Dai, Jennifer Harvey
Absent: Greg Weaver

Work session - no discussion of fines, assessments, legal, etc.

Tommy Tucker off board, Greg on - due to personnel changes at Catellus

Pool [edit - report given Jennifer Harvey]
- Pool attendance lower than last year (before Bartholomew)
- Carl attended pool committee meeting. Committee gave comments last Fall on old 2008 plan. Designers incorporated many comments. Reviewed again in Feb - depth, chairlift. Most of the committee okay with design, although some think it should be deeper. Plan is to be 4’6” deep in lap lanes. Will have chair lift similar to Ella Wooten.
- Chlorine levels - reports several weeks ago and again this weekend. Test reports from Monday looked okay.

Landscape maintenance:
- New bids received - 5 proposals
- Prairie - Wildflower Center says it’s doing well. Does it need more paid maintenance rather than reliance on volunteer efforts. Suggestion for POA to discuss with Friends of the Prairie regarding long-term sustainability of volunteers to mark invasive weeds
- 46 trees replaced since May 1, approximately 20 more still needed

Pond Maintenance
- Adjustments to fountains made to reduce misting
- Removing invasive elephant ears
- 200 gallons of trash is removed each month

Resident Concerns
- Filming - Catelllus discussed process with City. City relies on film crew to work out issues. City wants to support filming. Discussion about asking our POA rules committee to look into whether rules are needed to govern homeowner decisions to allow filming that impacts other neighbors. POA has no role if filming is all in city ROW. Only notified if POA property is used.
- Street tree maintenance - Letters have been sent to property owners who need to replace trees, telling them to replace them this fall. If not done, POA will replace trees and bill owners. Prior discussion about POA taking over tree maintenance - majority of residents opposed that. Notices about limbing up trees were sent in April. Another reminder will be sent this Fall or POA will do the work and bill owners.
- Apartment dwellers can buy a season pass to use Mueller pools during public hours. Contact Jennifer for details. Public hours at 2nd pool may be staggered from hours at first pool to allow broader range of possible hours for non-owners.
- Play equipment in common area on Threadgill - POA to check with attorneys to see if POA bears any liability.

Lots of events in the next few months:

Upcoming POA events
 Social Hour – July 30th (Tonight!)
 New Resident Orientation – September 3rd
 Music in the Park – September 18th
 Fall Garage Sale – September 20th
 POA Annual Meeting – tentatively November 5th
 Fall Festival – November 8th

Upcoming Developer & External events
 Ultimate Field Day – September 6th
 Time’s Fit Foodie – September 13th (Road Closures)
 HAMM Music Night – September 23rd
 McCallum Movie Night – September 27th
 Movie in Your Park – October 3rd
 National Night Out Kickoff – October 4th
 Movie in Your Park – October 10th
 Movie in Your Park – October 17th
 ALS Walk – October 18th (Road Closures)
 Light the Night – October 25th (Road Closures)
 VIVA Streets – October 26th (Road Closures)
 FAAN FARE – November 1st
 Campfire Kids Walk – November 8th
 Cure Search – November 15th
 Ridgetop Fun Run – November 22nd
 Tower Lighting – December 2nd
 Lights of Love – December 5th (Road Closures)

Annual meeting - tentatively Nov. 5th at Seton.

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Chase Norris
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POA Board meeting notes 30 July 2014
by Chase Norris on July 30th, 2014

edit: I see that it is $3 per person per day.
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