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Lost Pet Assistance
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Mueller Community

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Lost Pet Assistance
by AustinArtTeacher on July 1st, 2013

As many of you know, our little one eyed cat Holly was lost while we were out of town. We consulted a pet "detective"/ animal behaviorist for help on where/ how to search for Holly. She "profiled" Holly, and based on her personality, told us where to look. We found her 1day after the consultation after unsuccessfully scouring and flyer-ing the neighborhood ourselves. If anyone is interested, her name is Kimberly Freeman, and the consultation (which includes a PDF copy of her book) was $46.

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Kathleen Ensey
Dog Lovers

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Lost Pet Assistance
by Kathleen Ensey on July 4th, 2013

Happy 4th of July -- the big booms & little rat-a-tat-tats are about to begin.

So you've prepped your pup and konditioned your kitty to ride out the noises...
But what if, despite all your proactive planning, they escape?

More practical advice should your pet escape from the folks at Missing Pet Partnership:

And what NOT to do:
Look directly at dog with eye contact, walk directly towards dog, stalk slowly at dog or move suddenly towards dog will cause skittish dog to panic!

Before you know it anyone who calls out to the dog, even the dog’s owner, triggers that immediate adrenaline rush/panic response that will cause a dog to run.

What to do if you see your escaped dog?
Lip-smacking & ”nummy, nummy” noises while dropping treats on the ground, like hot dog pieces in a small potato chip bag that makes crinkly noise



This cautionary email is in honor of 2 dogs who escaped their property during fireworks in central Austin:
* Maya, a chocolate brown Labrador who was startled by fireworks during the Dell Children's Hospital opening, but didn't survive

*Maggie, a white standard poodle jumped her chain link fence, but survived a 5 day ordeal, criss-crossing IH-35 on a continual loop

Getting them home, 4 paws at a time,
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