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missing package hanna andersson december 2014
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Mueller Community

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missing package hanna andersson december 2014
by lilyrose on December 8th, 2014

hey neighbors! apparently FedEx Smart Post delivered a package on Thursday December 4. and we haven't seen it.

if it got placed in your box by mistake would you pm me please? sent from Hanna Andersson. happy to tell you my address and provide more info to confirm.

I called FedEx who will start "investigation", and am still trying to reach the post office to see what they know. but it would be hard for someone to take it out of our box of course, since it is locked, and I know mistakes happen so I'm assuming it just went to the wrong person and we are all busy so you haven't yet come by to drop it off or haven't had a way to contact me to arrange a time. so if you see this, please do so.

it could have been on the porch (yet to confirm, when I get someone on the phone...) but it's not that big and usually the post office just uses the mailbox, so I am assuming that is the case. and I was home at time of delivery so I would have heard the door and grabbed it if that were the case.

lilyrose :)
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Christina Jones
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missing package hanna andersson december 2014
by Christina Jones on December 9th, 2014

I have come across several misdelivered letters recently which is probably due to substitute carriers during the holiday season. The supervisor at the Blackson Post Office usually answers her phone and has been helpful in the past. The number is 512.419.7504. Good luck!
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Mueller Community

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Joined on July 9th, 2008
missing package hanna andersson december 2014
by lilyrose on December 9th, 2014

thanks for the direct phone number! I did eventually reach the main post office number and she began "investigation" by contacting the local branch. someone is supposed to contact me by close of business today but if not I will just call tomorrow myself.

her thought was that when they are busy, commonly someone will scan the package as delivered even when it wasn't yet delivered, thinking they will send it out the next day, then there are so many packages it doesn't get sent out. so my package may still be in a warehouse, statement of "delivered to addressee" notwithstanding. since it arrived at the local post office after noon that Thursday, it wouldn't really have been sent out on the truck that day, and therefore it's likely that a statement about delivery time of that evening is inaccurate.

who knows.
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