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Ari Nieto
Mueller Community

Posts: 2
Joined on July 21st, 2012
by Ari Nieto on July 22nd, 2012

I am definitely interested. My sense is that I need to contact Officer Antwain to get an idea of how we can begin a neighborhood watch. I am also thinking that the more residents are involved the better to be successful.
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Mueller Community

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Joined on November 25th, 2008
by danx111 on July 22nd, 2012

Antwain will have all necessary information. This from the APD website:
*APD District Representatives
The District Representatives’ purpose is to designate an officer assigned to an area as a liaison between the community and the police department to assist the community in solving neighborhood problems.

The District Representative Support Command (Regions 1, 2, 3 and 4) was created on January 2, 2011 as part of the Austin Police Department’s strategic vision. Bureaus, geographic boundaries and personnel alignments throughout the department have changed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. Your District Representatives are now part of this new command.

The District Representatives are called upon to do a myriad of activities which include, but are not limited to: enhancing patrol efforts, attending neighborhood association meetings to provide input or answers, attending school functions to educate children about safety and crime prevention, assisting the community in solving non-emergency problems and helping the community become self-reliant.
The District Representatives serve as a liaison between the community and the police department in the following areas:
Community involvement such as:

•Neighborhood Watch programs
•Neighborhood Associations
•Business Associations
•Schools, PTA’s, and civic groups
•Citizens On Patrol (COPs)
•Apartment Residents On Watch (AROW)
Urban decay prevention
•Abandoned and junk vehicles
•Abandoned residences and buildings
•Code Enforcement violations
•Illegal dumping
Crime Prevention
Problem Solving
•Habitual and high-demand complainants’
•City representative complaints
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Mueller Community

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Joined on April 30th, 2008
by Murmur on July 22nd, 2012

Hey Neighbors. My home on Tom Miller was broken into around 12:30 this morning...while my kids and I were here sleeping. I think that the combination of my alarm going off and me yelling at them from upstairs encouraged them to leave quickly, and no one was hurt. The did kick my door in though, and did quite a bit of damage to it. It appears that they were trying to take the TV, but left quickly, leaving it on the floor.

If you have an alarm, use it all the time. It could have been a much more serious situation had I not set mine. The police also pointed out that my blinds were open (which they are all the time...I like sunlight). I have always felt very safe in the hood, but this was a game changer. Please take precautions and continue to look out for your neighbors.

So you experienced an aborted home invasion, then. Terrifying. They obviously knew you were home at 12:30 am, but were brazen enough to break in anyway. What have you seen from APD in terms of follow-up? This could have spiraled out of control quite quickly. I would hope the police are taking the attempted burglary of an occupied residence very seriously.
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Laura Lund
Mueller Community

Posts: 33
Joined on October 21st, 2011
by Laura Lund on July 22nd, 2012

This is so scary. There have been times when I am lying in bed at night wondering if I set the alarm. I simply cannot believe they would break in knowing someone was probably there! I am going to take additional measures to protect my home immediately. Thanks for sharing
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Mueller Community

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Joined on March 3rd, 2009
by lasp4448 on July 22nd, 2012

With POA permission, we installed security screen doors on both front and side doors. They are almost impossible to kick in and would be very difficult to pry open. They leave a measure of security when someone rings the door bell and you open the main door. They serve as insect screens on the few days we can leave the doors open for a breeze. If you wish to see what they look like, come by 4448 Camacho. They are reasonably priced and great for peace of mind.
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Mueller Community

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Joined on January 5th, 2009
by jillians on July 23rd, 2012

I was doing some reading about the lockset CJ mentioned and I noticed there is a "high security strike plate". It should greatly improve the performance of the exisiting lockset in the event some tries to kick it in, and they run around $10.

The question is, do we have enough framing around the door to support one? Anyone interested in doing a group purchase to save on shipping?
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Mueller Community

Posts: 54
Joined on May 1st, 2009
by Hon on July 23rd, 2012

Neighborhood Watch is a good idea. I am one of the victims of the recent burgaries. In addition of losing things in my garage, more importantly I lost the privilege of enjoying the free and leisure life style living in Mueller. Now, I am locking everything including gates, front and back doors, garage door, and bikes inside the garage. Whenever I leave my house, I set the alam. I hate to add more locking devices making my house like a castle or prison. I think we do need to beef up the security patrol and make it more visible even we have to pay a little more on monthly due. Neighborhood watch will definitely help to deter crimes. Count me in.
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Curtis LaFaitte
Mueller Community

Posts: 68
Joined on May 16th, 2011
by Curtis LaFaitte on July 23rd, 2012

I am very interested in being part of a neighborhood watch program. Please pm me for more info. I have noticed a lot of activity at Lake Park, after 10PM, when it is supposed to be closed. The park seems to keep getting busier & busier during the night.
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CJ Barker
Mueller Community

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Joined on July 20th, 2012
by CJ Barker on July 23rd, 2012

Time permitting, I'd be happy to contribute in some form or fashion to a neighborhood watch group.

Danx111, are you proposing to follow-up with Officer Tarver, or just providing the information for someone else to take the lead on?

It's not clear to me who is taking the next step.

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Mueller Community

Posts: 1151
Joined on November 25th, 2008
by danx111 on July 23rd, 2012

Providing the information - for now, anyway. I'm unavailable for next month or so - not sure.
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