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Crime alert: Beware of "Blind Nathan"
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Mueller Community

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Crime alert: Beware of "Blind Nathan"
by Betsy on June 24th, 2011

I'm posting this from the Cherrywood listserve. A blind man named Nathan has caused problems over there for years. He used to hang out along Manor Road near Hoovers, but I understand that Hoovers now has a restraining order against him. We've not had a personal encounter with Nathan, but it sounds like he's been spotted at HEB so everyone needs to be aware of him.

Follow the link to Nathan's arrest record. You'll need to cut/paste the whole link if it's not all in blue below. I think the Pedestrian on Roadway arrests relate to him standing in the middle of Manor Rd and swinging his cane at people who don't stop to help him (part of the referenced 'agitation' below)

Blind Nathan causing problems again.
Thu Jun 23, 2011 10:17 am (PDT)

Blind Nathan was working his scams again over in Wilshire Wood yesterday. Lately, he's also bee seen at the HEB store., NATHANIAL Q&dob=Dec-30-80&gender=Male&race=Black&hash=891fb3ac30740

The police were called. They didn't arrest Nathan, but they did arrest the driver of the car for possession.

Here's the detail from the officers that responded, as reported by a Wilshirewood neighbor:

A white guy with a car picked up Nathan and drove him over to Ardenwood in Wilshirewood to hustle some money and then go and buy crack at 12th/Chicon. This is a common method the officer says: the white guys have a hard time buying in that area, and so they use Nathan to scam money and to buy the drugs, and they give Nathan a cut of the drugs.

Nathan will ask for a ride, but what he really wants is money. The Officer said he doesn't have a record of robbing people who give him rides, but that in other cases, the person asking for a ride will take the good samaritan somewhere that his accomplices are waiting.

That said, he has a history of violence if confronted. The officer said Nathan wasn't being violent when they approached him--he had smoked crack within the last couple of hours, so he wasn't in urgent need of a fix.
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Ross Houston
Mueller Community

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Crime alert: Beware of
by Ross Houston on June 24th, 2011

I saw this guy and talked to him about a year ago in Mueller over near Petsmart. He claimed to be looking for a ride home.
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Mueller Community

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Crime alert: Beware of
by Grace on June 24th, 2011

I see him all the time downtown near where I work. He plays on people's sympathies, says he needs a ride to the school for the blind or whatever. Whenever I see people talking to him I tell them he's scamming them and to walk away. He hates that. But he always seems to operate out in the open so he can't do anything. Just call him out!
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Mueller Community

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Crime alert: Beware of
by amyk927 on June 25th, 2011

Don't know if this will work, but here's a link from a few years ago about an experience with him then:
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Mueller Community

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Crime alert: Beware of
by icemonkeyharvest on June 25th, 2011

Elizabeth and I met Blind Nathan a few years ago on Red River after a show at Stubb's. He he needed to get to The School for the Blind. I told him I didn't have any cash. He then asked us to take him there. The situation just smelled bad. Here is this blind guy, at midnight, where a crowd of drunk and happy people are on their way home. What is he doing here? How did he get here in the first place? I said no. He became angry and tried to guilt us into taking him. At that point I knew it was a bad, bad, situation, so we just walked off.

Elizabeth felt bad that we didn't help Blind Nathan, but I couldn't believe blind people are that helpless. Something was up. I didn't want to find out the hard-way, and I was definitely not going to put Elizabeth in danger.
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Mueller Community

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Crime alert: Beware of
by RosscoB on June 26th, 2011

I've run into blind Nathan more than my fair share. I don't know how I keep ending up where he is. The last time was just outside East Side Cafe.

It is always the same, he needs to get to school of the blind. Needs bus or cab fare.

In my first encounter with him I put him on a bus from downtown (6th & Congress) to get him close to the school for the blind. I saw him get off at the next stop down the street less than a block away.

I've probably had at least 4 additional personal encounters with him. In once instance he became agitated, but I never felt really threatened. I agree with everyone else here. It's best just to stay away.
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Chris Martin
Mueller Community

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Crime alert: Beware of
by Chris Martin on June 26th, 2011

My fiance had a run in with Nathan as well. He was standing in the middle of a busy street acting lost and dodging traffic. My fiance felt compelled to give him a ride because she thought he was in serious danger of being hurt. It really angers me that he manipulates people in this way.
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