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MNA Steering Committee Minutes
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MNA Steering Committee Minutes
by Karen_Zab on August 8th, 2008

Reminder that the MNA steering committee is open to all MNA members for those interested in attending. Current plan is for the next steering committee meeting to be held the 27th of August at 7pm, location TBD.

MNA Steering committee Meeting Minutes 8/6/2006
Steering Committee Attendees: Grant Fisher, Kerry Fisher, Dusty Harshman, Karen Zabreznik, Drew Harris, Kim Wine, John Guest, Jerry Perkins, Elizabeth Butman
Other Attendees: Garreth Wilcock
I. Welcome & Introductions
II. Monies
a. Accounts created Dusty set up a new business account at Wachovia for the MNA and has ordered business checks. Right now the address on the business and checks will be Dustys personal address.
b. Amount Collected Dusty has collected $150 from families for MNA membership at $10 per family. He also deposited some pre-paid advertising $$ from his own business to round up the initial deposit to $200.
c. Current Budget account currently has a balance of $220. $25 was spent to register the MNA.
d. Other - Drew, Grants and Dustys names on file for signature on checks. MNA has an ATM card as well.

III. Steering Committee Meeting times: Currently it is always the preceding Wednesday to a monthly MNA meeting. Sometimes this falls on the 2nd Tuesday, sometimes the 1st as in this month. Suggestion to send an Outlook invite for those who use Outlook so monthly reminders will pop up. Agreed we should communicate times/dates of steering committee meetings via the calendar on when it launches to all MNA meetings since they are open to all.
IV. Town Hall Meeting
a. MNA Involvement/Participation Garreth Wilcock had sent note out suggesting the MNA distribute flyers encouraging neighborhood participation in the upcoming Town Center Town Hall meeting.
b. Flyers Motion made and seconded (didnt get names) to create and distribute a flyer publicizing the upcoming Town Hall meeting and also to publicize the MNA meeting coming up this Saturday. Kim Wine agreed to drive the effort.
V. RMMA PIAC Will have 5 15 minutes to address the board in the monthly meeting. RMMA is looking at their master plan again. Would behoove us to address the lack of community meeting space at Mueller in this forum. Discussed putting a vote to the MNA membership on what should be communicated to the RMMA PIAC.
VI. Committees
a. Welcome Committee It is difficult for the core welcome committee to know when new folks move into Mueller. Do we make block captains responsible for welcoming new folks on the block? Need to identify new folks on new blocks when people start moving in Bobby G. is handling this task right now.
b. Newletter No meeting has taken place yet. First need to figure out budget, 2nd need content. Will ask at the next MNA meeting for folks who would be interested in contributing content to a quarterly newsletter. Garreth has experience with publishing a neighborhood newsletter so he has been added to the newsletter committee.
c. Block Captains We need to keep them involved more than we have to date. Perhaps invite them to our steering committee meetings or a separate meeting. Plan is to have a quick block captain meeting after this Saturdays MNA meeting.
VII. Agenda for MNA Meeting on Saturday:
i. Newsletter
ii. Report on Transportation meeting with Roma (Grant attending)
iii. Discussion on upcoming Town Center meeting
iv. Follow up to Neighborhood Watch discussion
v. Block Captain after meeting
VIII. Additional Business/Open comments
a. Try having the next steering committee meeting two week from now. Have the meeting 15 days after the commission meeting, so 4th Wed of each month allow more time to take action on items that come up from the various meetings.
b. Pool can we keep it open longer?
c. Kind of hard to hear at last meeting need to project voice more and repeat back questions from the attendees.
Notes missing from last of the discussion because I had to step out of the meeting.
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