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Mueller Neighborhood Association Bylaws
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Mueller Community

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Mueller Neighborhood Association Bylaws
by GP on May 12th, 2008


For those who dont know me, my name is Grant Fisher, and I live on Lawless.

Currently, Karen Z and I are listed as the primary contacts for the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) with the City of Austin. In order to make our neighborhood association official, we need to adopt a set of bylaws which would govern our association.

Please note: the neighborhood association is NOT the same as the Home Owners Association (HOA), which is currently governed by Catellus. When the residents of Mueller get control of the HOA in about 10 years, these two organizations could then merge if warranted, but until that time, they are separate entities with separate members. Joining a neighborhood association is voluntary, and dues, if any, are historically extremely low (in the $5 to $10 a YEAR range).

I started working on the bylaws by getting a go by set used in the Old West Austin neighborhood association. Working with Drew Harris, a Lawless resident and lawyer, we modified them for use by the MNA. The bylaws used are very standard and have an organizational setup used by surrounding neighborhood associations (Cherrywood, OWA, etc.).

The organizational setup is as follows: the MNA would have 13 elected members all serving on the steering committee. This committee would then elect a President, VP, Treasurer and Secretary for the MNA. The terms for the steering committee members are one year.

If this all goes smoothly, I could foresee possible elections of the steering committee this next weekend (on the Neighborhood Association meeting on the 17th). I am attaching the draft bylaws for everybody to see and comment on. Please note, these bylaws can be modified once adopted, so they are not set in stone by any means.

If any questions arise, either I or (more than likely) Drew can answer the specific questions.

The bylaws are at:


Grant Fisher
4124 Lawless St
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Mueller Community

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Re: Mueller Neighborhood Association Bylaws
by Drew on May 14th, 2008

I know that discussing Bylaws is not quite as compelling as debating pool rules or parking, but please take a second and look at them. The draft Bylaws are primarily intended to do three things:

1) Satisfy the City of Austins requirements that the Mueller Neighborhood Association is a proper organization and has Bylaws. The MNA is a registered neighborhood association, and thus gets alerts and has input about zoning changes. This will likely be very important as the area around Mueller changes over time.

2) Model other apparently successful bylaws from other neighborhoods. We can always change the Bylaws later, but at the start we will simply be copying what other neighborhoods have done. For example, the Bylaws have provisions for a neighborhood newsletter, which a lot of other neighborhoods do, and which may also be a good idea for Mueller.

3) Pave the way for the MNA to become a registered tax-exempt non-profit corporation that can later do things like printing a newsletter or sponsoring a neighborhood party. At future MNA meetings we can talk about filing for tax-exempt status, etc., but initially we need to at least approve a set of Bylaws.

One important thing to stress is that the MNA is different from the HOA, and participation in it is completely voluntary. Please let Grant or I know if you have any questions.

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Mueller Community

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Re: Mueller Neighborhood Association Bylaws
by GP on May 14th, 2008

After speaking with some residents, it has come to my attention that the current bylaws did not allow non-residents (but contract holders) the ability to vote in the association.

Drew sugested a change, and I went ahead and made the change in the document.
Article IV. Membership changed from:
1. Any person eighteen years of age or older who resides within the described boundaries may become a voting member of the Association.
1. Any person eighteen years of age or older who resides within the described boundaries may become a voting member of the Association. A person who has signed a real estate contract to purchase and occupy within six months a residence within the described boundaries shall be deemed to reside there and is eligible for voting membership.
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Mueller Community

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Re: Mueller Neighborhood Association Bylaws
by Karen_Zab on May 14th, 2008

Grant & Drew,

Appreciate all your work on formalizing the MNA.

Look forward to the MNA meeting this coming Saturday.

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Mueller Community

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Re: Mueller Neighborhood Association Bylaws
by langhugh on May 14th, 2008

Just a few other notes:

III Boundaries: The boundaries, as described, captures the Delwood II, some of the Ridge Top, and a couple of homes and apartments between Anchor Lane and Manor Road. Try using 51st on the north, Berkman (per Mueller Master Plan) on the east, Manor/Anchor/Airport combo on the south, James Wheat/Philomena/Lancaster on the west. That should serve for a couple of years.

IV. Dues-related items. Seems to make dues a foregone conclusion, and, I would suggest that we may never assess dues and become a funded arm of the POA sooner rather than later. Let's add something to IV.6 that dues will only be assessed if absolutely necessary to the function of the Mueller Neighborhood Association

BTW, how's this for a title for the newsletter? The Mueller Front-Porch Flyer or just the Front-Porch Flyer.
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Mueller Community

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Re: Mueller Neighborhood Association Bylaws
by icemonkeyharvest on May 14th, 2008

New Porch News?
Weekley Reader?
Much Ado About Mueller?
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Mueller Community

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Re: Mueller Neighborhood Association Bylaws
by momof4 on May 15th, 2008

Mueller Times?
Mueller High Life?
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Kevin Ludlow
Mueller Community

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Re: Mueller Neighborhood Association Bylaws
by Kevin Ludlow on May 15th, 2008

Perhaps far be it from me to suggest this, but since it's already up and running and all..

How about "The Mueller Community"

I'm guessing we could find a domain for it! ;)
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Mueller Community

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Re: Mueller Neighborhood Association Bylaws
by kerry on May 16th, 2008

I looked at the Cherrywood Neighborhood Association bylaws and it doesn't limit the number of members to just 2 per house (IV 1 b). Thinking of the carriage houses, I'd imagine we will have houses with more than 2 adults that are interested in being voting members.
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Mueller Community

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Re: Mueller Neighborhood Association Bylaws
by Eiremanlite on May 28th, 2008

I have just now discovered this blog, in conjunction with final preparations for closing and move-in. We are, like most others in the new community, quite excited to be part of such a terrific opportunity.

I am writing here because I was told something as part of my final walk-thru that supposedly had something to do with the HOA, and perhaps someone here would also be aware of it, as it affects many of us I believe.

Our house is on Zach Scott, across from the park. The street is designated for elm trees, which should be wonderful in just a few short years.
My question has to do with one of the trees actually on our side of the dividing sidewalk: it is a burr oak, about 5 feet from the foundation of the house. What we know of burr oaks suggests that in just a few short years we might have a worldclass root system problem, as they grow very fast and become quite large, with a corresponding large root and underground plant system. Our concern is that it will almost inevitably damage our foundation, possibly the water sprinkler system, and perhaps other underground infrastructure for the house (it is very near all the water controls).

We were told that the HOA guidelines restrict us from being able to uproot the tree and replace it with something less invasive in terms of size and growth. Can anyone here confirm that, or suggest other strategies for containment? My next step is of course to contact the HOA directly, and swing by the Catellus office near the hangar to find out exactly what the restrictions are, if any.

I should say that aside from this one hiccup, everything about our house's construction has been absolutely superb.

My wife Sarah and I (Brian) would also definitely want to join the MNA. We want to completely belong to our new neighborhood.

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