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MNA Steering Committee Minutes 5/7/14
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Karen Sharp
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MNA Steering Committee Minutes 5/7/14
by doug on May 20th, 2014

I'm sorry that I wasn't able to attend the meeting, but I would like to comment on the notes, specifically this item:

c. Project Connect recently made final recommendation to the CCAG including East Channel alignment for rail system. Project Connect will also re-evaluate an at grade crossing as well as a flyover as an alternative to crossing the red line . (Dave)
i. Cost is $230 million for Channel. Whole project is $1.4 billion.
ii. Not a done deal at all.
iii. The Project Consultant makes recommendations to the CCAG and will make their own recommendation to Council
iv. Council makes final decision

The final decision actually will be left to voters. At least that is my understanding. I'm pretty sure it will be a bond election in August along with the Mayor/City Council Election. So VOTE!
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Nikkie Shubitz
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MNA Steering Committee Minutes 5/7/14
by Nikkie Shubitz on May 21st, 2014

It may mean that the Council will determine the final route/plan and that rather than wait until it's before the city for a vote, we might want to take any opportunity to give testimony before Council.
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David Neider
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MNA Steering Committee Minutes 5/7/14
by David Neider on May 22nd, 2014


Appreciate your clarification. Voters will be the ones that make final decision to fund or not fund the project. This vote will occur in November as I understand it.

The CCAG will make a route and phasing recommendation to City Council. I believe that City Council will have final say as to exactly what goes on to the Urban Rail Bond. For the most part the discussion at this point is around phasing (either to do the entire route or some subset) and other specifics of implementation, the route itself is pretty well baked at this point.

The most critical item as it relates to us is the connection around Hancock and under the redline. How or if they choose to do this will likely have an impact on how a future connection to Mueller might occur.

If anyone would like to get more involved feel free to PM me, we are at the very tail end of the pre election planning process.
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