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Mueller Steering Committee Meeting Minutes 8/27/08 - Draft
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Mueller Steering Committee Meeting Minutes 8/27/08 - Draft
by wilson on September 7th, 2008

Members of the MNA:

The following minutes were recorded at our last Steering Committee Meeting on August 27, 2008. This is a preliminary draft which will be approved or altered at our next meeting.

Attendees - Drew, Kim, Wilson, Kerry, Elizabeth, Dusty, Bobby

Call to Order
Financial Report
Checks issued without address
No Tax ID for business account
$465 balance, approximately 40 members
Initial expenditures were for organizational setup & flyers
Texas non-profit filing complete, waiting for approval
Newletter Committee Report and Discussion
Previous, separate committee meeting with Dusty, Garreth, and Elizabeth
Reprographic cost report, including competitive pricing
No available 11x17 recycled cardstock for foldover format
Little content so far, only three contributors
Discussion of potential additional information
Content to include regular columns and feature articles
National Neighbor Night Out announcement to be in Newletter if issued prior to event (October 7 event date)
Welcome Committee Report and Discussion
Discussion of methods of welcoming neighborhoods, including distribution of a Welcome flyer/letter
Door-to-door greeting vs. Organized event methods
Discussion of the format and content of the Welcome flyer/letter
Kerry volunteered to draft a Welcome flyer/letter
Discussion of the block captains as it relates to this particular welcoming function
Block Captains Discussion
Bobby - Notification of a void of block captains in certain areas of the community
Discussion of the formal role of block captains
Role mentioned - Distribution of flyers, but not the newsletter
Role mentioned - Welcoming
National Neighbor Night Out
Discussion of a centralized event vs. block-by-block localized events, eventually reconciled in localized block-by-block organically arranged to lead up to a centrally organized cook-off for the whole community.
Progressive Dinner idea to tie in as a possibility
Subcommittee formed - Dusty, Kim, & Kerry
Discussion of the nature of the cook-off contest
Next MNA Meeting - September 13
General discussion about meeting length - especially, level of strictness to agenda and a predetermined time limit
General discussion about the Steering Committee's role in shaping the agenda while allowing proper input from the entire MNA in time to make a considerable impact on decision-making and creativity of particular issues.
Setting the agenda
Series of announcements, delegated to Steering Committee members who will be present
Featured speaker: Kevin Ludlow to address issues relating to
Potential future speak in Solid Waste Services to address the single-stream recycling service. To be booked as soon as possible
General discussion about the best meeting time for future Steering Committee meetings
General consensus to have the SC meeting date approximately 9-12 days before each general MNA meeting
As the MNA meetings are currently set for the second Saturday of every month, this means that the SC meeting will be held on a weekday on either the first or last week of the month.
The specific day of the week which works best for SC to be determined through email, which Kim will organize.
Elect Kevin Ludlow for State Rep!
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