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Aaron Moved to Mueller PT 21
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Aaron Moved to Mueller PT 21
by aaron on June 22nd, 2010

This is the forty-eight in a series of columns about the travels of Aaron and his family in his quest to move from the suburbs to Mueller.

It’s a refreshing post about water!

It seems that everything nowadays involves water in some sort. After all we are over 70% water, but that having water doesn’t make you smart or else watermelons would be programmers and not something to eat. There is something amazing about taking one part of breathable oxygen and two parts of “oh the humanity” Science/Dec82009/Hindenburg_burning.jpg crisis that creates the molecule affectionately known as water. I could probably write a hundred page thesis on water and still not cover all the awesomeness it does. I will relate to one very cool fact about water. The densest water gets is precisely at 4 degrees Celsius. You may be quick to dismiss that fact as just merely a minor feature of water, but it is, in fact, one of the most important things because without water being slightly heavier as a liquid at 4 degrees Celsius, humans as we know them (I am a cyborg! (okay, maybe not(Awesome! My first parenthesis comment inside another parenthesis for this blog! There’s a tear in the blog/space fabric!(Oh no! I did it again!)))) would not exist. You see, if water froze on the top and if the ice was denser than the liquid, the ice would sink to the bottom of the glass, lake or ocean. The arctic circle would not exist and a crappy movie about the Titanic would not have been made(I really didn't need a two hour lover story to see a boat go down), but not only that, the water above the solid ice would then freeze and sink onto the other solid blocks of ice. Also the ice at the bottom of the water would melt extremely slow when the surface warmed. Eventually you would have a solid block of ice in the poles and the great great great great,…..nth degree of great grand lungfish would freeze and never make it to walk the earth (Unless you are a dentist in Bryan, Texas, then you would not believe some scientific studies, like all of them). A simple .1 in kg/m3 will get you life as we know it. And Mueller as we know it…..

First off, I must apologies for the space between posts. As you will see a little bit later on, I am completely slammed and shirked my duties as unasked official blogger of the Muellerland peoples. I know many of you count the hours between posts and that has added up to a very big number that shouldn’t be posted. For all the folks who feel burned by this, please let me give you a virtual hug and beg for forgiveness.

Now let’s first talk about the topic that anyone who knows I live in Mueller but has never visited brings up to me now. Apparently, one of our streets made the news. Yes, we have a sink hole(not very similar to this From my understanding, a water pipe busted and water has the ability to wash away stuff like earth that holds up streets. The contractors, city and the developer all started pointing the blame finger at each other and when the time came to fix it, like you know, that week, they all decided to run tests and use lawyers to find out who should fix it. A musical chairs of blame except that when the music stops, a chair isn’t taken away. Since I’ve been very far removed from the situation, I am not certain what is going down, but eventually it will all get fixed. However, one bad thing gets in the news and that’s all that people ask you about.

What didn’t get in the news was the shoddy workmanship on the baby pool which has been closed all summer due to a few tiles being defective. Personally, the water is fine and with the amount carcinogens already in the environment I wouldn’t mind a few missing tiles. Heck, we’re even swimming in the water on the “big kid” side. I hear that the baby pool will be fixed in a couple of weeks, so I’ll be able to release genetic carrier number 2 to a splashy existence of summer bliss while I float in the warm water known as the “baby side”.

Despite the two issues we have, life in Mueller is still grand. Some new garden homes are coming soon very near the mid-refurbished control tower (in two different shades of blue, no less!). I am looking forward to seeing the new garden court homes There is something very nice about being able to just run outside your front door into a green space that you don’t have to spend a minute to maintain. My trees are three years old now and giving a little shade now. We can entertain a dozen shaded people now during one of our fabulous splash nights. By the way, the water in the bag does not freak out Mueller flies.

I wish I would have more to show for my over two months between posts. I’ve been busy doing a job, school, being the world’s greatest dad, and finally starting my own business. I’ve gone and started a fantasy football contest I’m even using our neighborhood Frost bank branch as a holder of the trusteed account for the guaranteed prize fund. Everyone who reads this and likes football should pony up and help a start-up company achieve success. In fact, this will help trickle money into the Austin economy as I like to spend my money in Austin on things like food and water, both of which I buy in quantities in the Austin area. In fact, I am offering $1000 bonus in prize money to the person who beats me in fantasy football that will draft in the coming week. Again, sign up and give me money. I was able to hire the local celebrity known as Mustache Sweater Man for a song(He is available for YOUR party!). I know people who know him. To enter the contest, go to the Progressive Fantasy Football World Championship website at

In my last couple of posts, I had planned on projecting the USA v. England world cup soccer match live in the hanger by Lake Pond. Unfortunately, even though I had sponsors, a beer cart, people to help set up and work it, potties, very large screen HD TVs, and all the permits filled out, the city doesn’t know what to do with the hanger and swiftly denied my application. They said that because I wasn’t an event planner (have they seen my movie nights?) and even though I was non-profit, I didn’t fit what they allowed. Bummer too, because can you image the celebration on Dempsey goal&aq=f wonderstrike? I guess I just wait till the next time England play USA in a world cup game. I’ll only be 88 then!

I have been watching the games at the closest cool bar that we have. Nomad bar found on Corona street opens conveniently early for world cup soccer games. I’ll be there tomorrow at 9am for the very important USA v. Algeria game. I encourage all Muelliopians to show up and not only support the local bar, but the national team. Unfortunately, I have to work after the game and will only be drinking water. (there’s that water theme again!) The only problem with Nomad is that its a bit of hike to walk to and from there. I swear the first person that opens up a Mueller bar will cash in big time. Please wait till after I'm out of school.

Well, hopefully my life will slow down a little bit as so I can do awesome posts again. I only have 16 more weeks of school left and that will be a relief. My new business will only be crazy busy this year because once we program it out, I won’t have to do that much to get it ready in coming years. As always, I end with my underground Mueller ad campaign HTTP:// I swear somebody should be paying me for this.

Next time, I continue the water thread and discuss public drinking fountains. Is metal in the Texas summer a great idea for something to put my lips on?
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