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Aaron moved to Mueller PT 20
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Aaron moved to Mueller PT 20
by aaron on March 26th, 2010

This is the forty-seventh in a series of columns about the travels of Aaron and his family in his quest to move from the suburbs to Mueller.

Is talking about healthcare a healthy thing?

I usually don’t get too political in my life as my main goal is to be friends with as many people as I can and going political usually means picking sides and not budging no matter how wrong you are proven. However, with the landmark legislation being passed, I have decided to jump into the political foray and give my initial thoughts about the biggest piece of legislation I have or probably will ever see in my lifetime. From my understanding the new laws passed have the goal of insuring every American. In fact, every American will have to be insured or else face fines. If they can’t afford it or get it from their employer, then they will be subsidized. I find it amazing that in this highly polarized world we live in that the Obama administration was able to achieve such a major piece of legislation that prior administrations failed to do. I am sad that the two school children couldn’t get along enough to work together and Obama had to use parliamentary tricks to get the bill through because the Republicans offered no assistance other than catch phrases and media attacks, but we got to a point where something got done that should affect every American. I have always said it is darn near impossible to get 10 different people to agree on a lunch location, rather than have a whole country agree to something and I have several issues, which I will lay out below, that I’ve noticed in the run up to this vote.

Introducing the blog’s first bulleted information. Health care edition.

1) Why would health insurers <br/> not want this bill? The bill forces 47 million new customers into service because now every American is required by law to have insurance.
2) At first, I would figure Republicans would like this bill because it offers a huge tax break to the middle class, but then I realized that it also increases taxes to the very wealthy and wealthy people are normally Republicans.
3) Another issue I have with the debate process is that Republicans are looking for a talking point when November elections come. How else would you explain a forced vote for an amendment for Viagra sales to sex offenders?
4) I never understood why the Democrats didn’t force the Republicans to filibuster rather than go straight to reconciliation. How long could they continually talk for? You would think in this fast pace news-cycle world that the disruption of government would grow weary with the people, and be forgotten all together with the next celebrity mishap.
5) Shocking that because some dude’s daughter was on American Idol and got elected in Massachusetts, Texas Guaranteed Student Loan will close down because the Democrats had to use reconciliation to pass the health care because they didn’t have a filibuster proof amount of Democrats anymore and they couldn’t use reconciliation without including the student loan bill to achieve a budget savings.
6) Be prepared to have the minority party in congress from here on out act like drunks at a football game. If you need a quick fundraiser, it helps to yell out,2933,589865,00.html disapproval slogans during a quiet portion of a speech. I’m calling it here; this will continue and not be party specific.
7) Also calling out this one way in advance, expect to see several commercials targeting poor people to buy medical devices because Medicare/insurance will pay for them. I’ll be the first to test this theory out and get a rascal <br/> for the Mueller 4th of July parade.

I have a few personal opinions on the great health care debate. I think the debate, if talked with non-fringe people, focuses on two issues, that of being fair and that of being where does a government draw the line. If we believe the government as a collection of laws designed to protect the people and help the people should include health care, then yes, everyone must have health care. Much like the roads that we all drive on. Sure you can walk, or take a train, but you as a tax payer will pay for those roads regardless if you use them or not because having the roads will allow for a better place because fire trucks can use them and we all like fire trucks. As for being fair, which is about as much a tenet to our society as anything, I don’t think universal health care achieves that. Is the very poor person who is supplemented with money for insurance going to receive all options that the rich person is going to have for expensive treatments to disease? Granted my amoxicillin will be the same as my neighbors, but what about my new heart valve when I need one? Also, why should a person be rewarded with free health care for never exercising, smoking and over eating when I only over eat? I would think I should get a price break on my insurance premiums for mostly leading a healthy life. Otherwise, I’ll just put my name on the heart transfer list right now.

I’ve been in Mueller for two full years now and only have been to the Dell children’s hospital once. That place was slammed, but it was because it was after hours during the great death animal virus scare from a few months ago. Still, I was treated great and it’s a fantastic resource for Austin’s children. And believe me, I was extremely glad it was a two minute drive from my location. If I was an employee there or any of the surrounding doctor’s offices, I would move to Mueller and walk to work every day. Or skateboard. Or pogo stick. Or roller skate. Or any of the other methods that Muelleriopians use to traverse small distances. Actually, if anyone in the area needs a really funny but smart database dude or office manager, please let me know, and I’ll apply personally . You could be saving the country money by making me healthier and getting me off that heart transplant list.

Okay, on to some Mueller things. The Superbowl party came and went and was another Mueller success. My team didn’t win, but that was because the Lions’ Superbowl is the draft in April every year. However, there were some good eats and lots of people came over.

Also, did the Austin Children’s shelter 80’s new wave ball as Mustache Sweaterman and emceed the event. The shelter has some great offerings to help people of Austin and best of all they are our neighbors in Mueller. I really hope to be a part of their events again and now proclaim them to be my charity of choice. If I ever get on a celebrity contest it will be them for whom I’m playing for. One funny story from the night other than my boffo dancing moves, involved one of the “celebrity” judges. For the most part, they were excellent except for the Chronicle’s society beat writer. Since I’m a discount celebrity, I had never met the official “celebrity” from the Chronicle and mis-pronounced the dude’s name. Ehh, what can you do? I drink beer and was given the name Stephen Moser on a card. If you want to be called Steven, put a “v” there and not letters that make the “f” sound. Anyhow, as I mis-announced his name, the guy walks by and calls me a retard on stage. Caught me a little off-guard, but I was able to muster a snappy, “But I am retarded” retort. Sarah Palin would not be impressed with you Stephen Moser moser&searchType=archives&Sort=1 . I challenge all blog readers to now hereby call you “Ste-Fan” from now on.

Speaking of Mustache Sweaterman, he’ll be making an appearance at the Mueller Egg Scramble April 3rd. I believe this is some sort of highly religious Easter thing involving bunnies, chocolate and hunting soon to be deviled eggs of some sort. I don’t remember this in my religious studies, but I guarantee that the children will have a non-faith denominational good time. Okay, it might not be religious at all, but will be a very good time nonetheless.

I’ve put out an initial feeler to the Muller developers for use of the hanger for the USA v. England world cup soccer game in June. Cross your fingers on this one, because it will be a blast if we can pull it off.
Since spring has sprung, I’m now taking suggestions for the ever popular movies in the garden court. I really have to show TRON this year as TRON 2.0  is coming out and TRON is one of my favorite movies ever. Mainframes!!! What a comedy it has become. I was also bantering around about doing Charles Grodin double feature or maybe something like Flash. Please forward me some good suggestions and remember, these movies are in the public so movies like the Big Lebowski would be ruled out on the 297 F-bombs.

Well, I’ve been in my house over two years now. I remember back when we were building, there was a good discussion turned troll about the Mueller property owners association. Much like the health care debate, it brought a good lengthy discussion, including the occasional insult about how strong the association should be. I believe the POA in the two years has done a great job. They’ve been strong in the areas that they’ve needed to be in public property upkeep and let us be for the most part creative with our own spaces. I love walking the alleys at night in striped shirts with a hat and mask on to see all the lovely gardens that people have planted. Even the yard art is awesome, not necessarily in my taste but in variety. No one has yet tested my purple paisley house painting theory yet, but so far, I’ve been impressed. Our pools and parks, which are opened for all of Austin are heavily used and while funded by the Muellericans, cleaned and fixed in speedy time. If only I had did some sort of documentation of my life the past ten years.

Well, health care is here to stay. I’m sure in two years the health care debate will end up much like what happened with our POA debate, OMG!!! Which celebrity got with who?!?!?

As always, I end with my underground Mueller advertisement
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