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Aaron Moved to Mueller pt 17
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Aaron Moved to Mueller pt 17
by aaron on November 17th, 2009

This is the forty-fourth in a series of columns about the travels of Aaron and his family in his quest to move from the suburbs to Mueller.

At least it wasn’t something embarrassing.

A while back ago, everyone’s favorite Mueller protagonist was invited to a charity fund raiser to help raise money for something for the genetic carriers’ daycare. I forgot what the something was, as they were serving the most tasty barley sodas  there and I initially thought that drinking the barley sodas would help out the fundraising, so I did my civic duty to drink several as I wanted the charity event to be a success. The event was both a live and silent auction When we got to the event, Mrs. Aaron gave me a lengthy pep talk about not bidding on the main silent auction item. Of course in a sign of jest, I ran over and put the minimum bid on the item in question. After a couple of hours, my minimum bid was winning and would have won had a lady who came to the event only to bid on said item not alerted the auction moderator that not enough time was given before the bids were collected. A few minutes were “officially” added. Initially, I was rather glad she over bid me as, one, it raised more money for whatever the daycare was wanting, and two, Mrs. Aaron would have been mad at me. However, after talking to her and catching her in several lies, it became apparent she was not there help the charity and was only after her own greed of getting this item on the cheap. I promptly raised the price of the item to raise more money and then declared my final bid was as high as I was going to go and walked away. After a few minutes of stewing and drinking more delicious sudsy libations, I decided to snipe in and swipe the bid of the item at the last second.
I was the winner of 100 ads of commercial time on Grande However, I didn’t have anything I needed a TV ad for. Luckily, I was looking for a new shenanigan for my new recurring theme of trying to buy my house.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the interweb, I give you Mustache Sweater Man!!!! Your discount celebrity appearance solution!!!

Thanks to the generous help of Ice Monkey Productions and a few of my neighbors, my commercial, which was shot on a secret Mueller location, will be running on channels on the Grande cable. I’ve picked as my channels ESPN, Comedy Central, TBS and a couple of spots to be on Lifetime (for the ladies). Feel free to make this viral as this will only help out my cause.

As an added bonus, if any of you need to advertise, I’ve tied the commercial to my previous idea of the internet coordinate website, so if you were to buy a few dots on, many Austinites whom will visit this site because of the commercial will see your ads too. Feel free to buy as many as you can. Again, I want to buy my house outright.

House Update:
Outstanding balance $279,354.05
Google ads to date: $28.41
Peepdot sales to date: $0
Mustache Sweater Man Appearances :$0
T-shirt Sales : $0 (you can still get yours today!)
Super funny ebay auctions: $14
I only need $279,311.64 to go!!!! I think I’m definitely taking the tortoise approach here.

Now is the part of the blog post where I talk about a few Mueller things. People are still coming in droves to Mueller and transforming from person to Muelleripoian. In fact a couple of builders are rounding out their phase 2 inventories and are awaiting the next phase. The few lots in phase 1 that were model home castoffs (those lots needed to buffer model homes from regular homes) are under construction. I forgot what construction noise was like, but I realize that this will be the last time I ever hear it. I am continually surprised at how quiet dense urban living is. Other than the occasional barking dog and the cries of a tag game gone wrong, it is very peaceful

I got an idea the other week during daylight savings when I noticed that the night comes oh so quick. I figure it would be a great time to do a kid movie since the movie could start before six and over by 8, well before it’s too late for youngins to stay up. However, with the weather turning colder we would need a blanket party, so I am proposing a Mueller kid movie night entitled “Mueller Winter Night Pigs in a Blanket Extravaganza!” I’ll post a date in December (with a couple of rain/snow backup dates) where we can watch Babe (the pig movie) and eat pigs in a blanket . Since it will be chilly, you all will need to bring blankets. Get it? A pig movie, eating pork products in food blankets while wearing a blanket. Sometimes it’s too easy. I’ll post the time (the Garden Court 1 will be the place) in the events page.

Halloween was a complete blast. Genetic carrier #1 was Obi-wan Kenobi and genetic carrier #2 was a tired Yoda. My costume was roller dude complete with quad shoe roller skates. I didn’t fall once despite the couple of beers I had at the Mueller Halloween carnival (thanks wedge!) and the beers I had at Dad friendly houses. It did get tricky pulling the Millennium Wagon with the two Jedis and 30 pounds of candy over the braile street sidewalk inclines.

Last time I posted, I mentioned the announcement of the 1st annual Mueller Meatloff!!! (Meatloaf Cookoff). We had nine official entries (or entrees!) and a few more sides and non-judgmental meatloafs. I made 15 pounds too many mash potatoes, but ended winning third place for my meatloaf entry. That’s top third for you mathies out there. Not too shabby as I never use recipes. In fact, my secret ingredient was beets. So all you guests out there ate healthy beets in your meatloaf and liked it. Special congrats to Torrie with her Moroccan style loaf which took top honors and Megan with her homestyle BBQ loaf that took second. Even though they got trophies, I think everyone that showed up were considered winners.

I always find it weird that all my microwavable food (make sure you watch this video) is cooked in exactly 30 second increments of time. Or that recipes always call for exact measurements of ingredients. The instructions always say to use exactly 2 minutes for that hot pocket, no more, no less. When I use 2 minutes 4 seconds am I really cheating my taste buds out of a mastication masterpiece experience? Do I really need exactly a half a cup of flour? These kinds of things perplex me. I figure a recipe is probably very good when using recommended amounts, but to get it really awesome, you can cook by look and smell and make it better. The beets were added to my meatloaf because I had a can of beets sitting in my pantry that I was wanting to get rid of. Third place, you beat eaters!!!!

I figure Mueller is kind of like a dish made based on a recipe but not completely followed. Sure we have rules and regulations and covenants and issues, but it’s the other things that send it over the top. People are just different here. Where else can you make two posts on a message board about a meatloaf cookoff and get 11 huge loaves to show up, and even more people to attend to eat it. Even better, I only plan a few events a year. Many other Muellericans are stepping up and doing very cool things too where I just get to be an attendee and not have to do anything. Keep it up guys. I’m digging the food and ambiance.

Lastly, I continue with my guerrilla themed underground">Mueller marketing strategy  <a href=" title="" />. I hope you like it. And don’t forget to hire Mustache Sweater Man for your next event, holiday rates are very reasonable. It would be stupid to be over charged by a Paris Hilton type celebrity.
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Mueller Community

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Aaron Moved to Mueller pt 17
by momof4 on November 18th, 2009

As usual, a big smile across my face when I see another Aaron Moved to Mueller entry

You do not disappoint!

Thanks for the Meatloff, too ~ what a blast!
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