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Mice in Row House
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Mueller Community

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Mice in Yard House
by ristexas on August 11th, 2010

Thanks, Jill, for pointing out the cruelty of glue traps. It's very tempting to make funny little jokes about killing tiny creatures, and it makes everyone feel better (if everyone acts as if it's no big deal, then that makes it okay, right?).

That being said, I also know that it is beyond extremely unpleasant to have an infestation of any kind in your home, so I sympathize with the impulse to just get rid of the damn things already. But I try never to forget that having consideration for the least of our fellow creatures is good for our humanity. It doesn't always work for me, I'll be the first to admit, but that doesn't make it untrue.
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Mueller Community

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Mice in Yard House
by Robyn on August 11th, 2010

thanks so much for your thoughts on this matter Jill! we haven't seen any more...that's not to say that they're not there! but haven't seen any more droppings either.

thanks for the reminder on the glue traps. sounds pretty inhumane...and honestly, i don't really relish the idea of opening the pantry to see anything struggling for their life (or dead already) stuck to anything.

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Brenda Colar

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Mice in Yard House
by Brenda Colar on May 31st, 2013

Mouse in a row house is really a wired experience,as these nuts just destroy everything ,and even they troubles you a lot.The best way to get rid off them is call an pest control exterminator.
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Taylor Chloe
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Mice in Row House
by Taylor Chloe on February 3rd, 2021

Can anyone explain to me what the article Mice in Row House is about? And can anyone also explain to me which is the best mouse trap available in the market? Looking for quick replies.
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