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Upcoming AISD Bond Meetings
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Mueller Community

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Upcoming AISD Bond Meetings
by Betsy on January 18th, 2013

Received the following from Catellus. I'm not sure if everyone received this, so am posting here in case.

Good afternoon,

We wanted to remind you of two upcoming public hearings of the Austin ISD Board of Trustees on the proposed scope for a May 2013 Bond Program. We encourage you to share the below information with your neighbors.

If you, like many of your area neighbors, support the need for a new, public elementary school in northeast Austin to prevent anticipated overcrowding as a result of increasing student population from the Mueller and surrounding neighborhoods, as well as the opportunity of the school site reserved at Mueller to save the District money and time, please attend these upcoming meetings and share your viewpoint as the AISD Board considers new schools for the district:

Tuesday, January 22 beginning at 6:30 p.m.
Crockett High School
5601 Manchaca Road at Stassney (map:

Tuesday, January 29 beginning at 6:30 p.m.
Reagan High School
7104 Berkman Drive at U.S. 290 (map:

We have attached answers to some frequently asked questions about this topic for your consideration or to help prepare your remarks. If you can't attend, please send an email to the AISD Board of Trustees by Tuesday, January 29 to

A member of our team will sign up to speak at each meeting. We will have stickers for Northeast Austin School advocates to wear and, together, we will stand to show our collective support for the needed facility. To RSVP your attendance or ask any questions click here.

Thank you again,
The Mueller Team
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mrs aaron
Mueller Community

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Upcoming AISD Bond Meetings- Mueller school
by mrs aaron on January 21st, 2013

Many of us have worked on this for years. Now is the time when we really could convince AISD that a school is needed here. I know some of us would prefer a middle school, but with many middle schools under capacity in the area, it would take a miracle to convince AISD of that. So we must think of the families with young children that are here and are coming, and think of our property values.

So, please attend one or both of these meetings if you can, or at least email the trustees. The letter writing campaign we did really helped, so let's not lose our momentum!

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Katherine V.
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Upcoming AISD Bond Meetings- Mueller school
by Katherine V. on January 22nd, 2013

I have no personal stake in this matter as my children will be out of middle school by the time it might be built. That said, I think it is critical that Mueller have a middle school that would include all of Mueller kids. Kealing is NOT a neighborhood school - it is over 3 miles away. What is worse, is that it has to "middle ground" for kids that our neither accepted into the Magnet program. or want to go to a very low performing school (Community School). Luckily my children were accepted to go to Fulmore Middle School's Magnet program which is much more integrated with the entire student body (only English Language arts, Social Studies and special electives, which are available to community students who have good GPA's). However if they were not accepted to Fulmore, they would have been only able to go to Kealing's community school. In fact, two leading administrators at Kealing on separate occasions told me that my children would not be a fit for the Community school and that they must go to the Magnet program or try to transfer. Many families here in Mueller will have children of middle school age by the time the new school is built and wish our neighborhood had the foresight to include a middle school. Where will middle schoolers attend who will ultimately go to Reagan? Pearce is going to be designated an "all boys school." My vote is for a K-8 school for all middle schoolers in Mueller at least until there is another solution that can improve this very serious issue.
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Mueller Community

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Upcoming AISD Bond Meetings- Mueller school
by Ashley on January 22nd, 2013

As I understand it, an elementary school on the Bond would not exclude a K-8 option. Whether AISD would actually implement that is another story.

Right now, AISD is not considering any new "regular" Middle schools in any part of town, although they are considering a couple middle school additions.

I served on the AISD Citizen Bond Advisory Committee, and am happy to chat with anyone that wants more info.


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Mueller Community

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Upcoming AISD Bond Meetings- Mueller school
by JennaMartin on January 22nd, 2013

You should have a chat with our new principal, Robin Lowe-who is an incredible leader and visionary. She a has 5-6 year strategic plan that addresses many of your concerns/issues with Kealing's neighborhood program and its relationship to the magnet program. It is very exciting.


Jenna Martin
8th Grade Social Studies Teacher at Kealing
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mrs aaron
Mueller Community

Posts: 767
Joined on August 31st, 2007
Upcoming AISD Bond Meetings- Mueller school
by mrs aaron on January 22nd, 2013

Thanks Jenna. That sounds like a conversation that needs to happen!
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