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Electric/Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Study with TTI - $75 compensation
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Electric/Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Study with TTI - $75 compensation
by gregg on August 6th, 2013

Howdy neighbors (particularly electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid owners),
My employer, TTI is conducting an air quality research study that includes speed data measured from GPS devices in electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Participants need to drive with a GPS (info is confidential) for 2 weeks, and will be compensated $75. There's no follow-up survey needed for this study. Contact my co-worker Nick Wood to sign up, preferably by Saturday, August 10th:

Nick Wood
Assistant Transportation Researcher
Texas A&M Transportation Institute
505 E. Huntland Drive, Suite 455
Austin, TX 78752

Here's more info from Nick:
The Texas A&M Transportation Institute, a member of the Texas A&M University System, is seeking individuals to participate in a GPS survey to collect data from electric vehicles within the Austin region. This project is to assist the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) in gathering information that will be used for their air quality models. We are only asking for participation from drivers of electric-only and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The GPS device will be placed in the vehicle for a period of two weeks, collecting information on position and speed for all trips. The devices are self-powered, small, easily securable, and do not require any interaction from the driver or any connection to the vehicle. Placement inside each vehicle should take less than a minute. Location data are confidential and will not be used to identify, in detail, where specific individuals have been. In other words, we are only looking at vehicle activity on different roadway types (e.g. freeway vs. street) and various zones of the region.

Participants who complete our two-week survey will receive $75 for their assistance. An image of the GPS assembly is attached.


Nick Wood
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Jake Wanliss

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Electric/Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Study with TTI - $75 compensation
by Jake Wanliss on March 10th, 2020

I will surely contact Nick Wood for transportation research and will not want to avail of this compensator. Also they provide local lead generation to help you to grow your business easily. Because i think this innovation helps us a lot and i don't need money for having a part of this survey. Incredible
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halcyonn jones

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Electric/Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Study with TTI - $75 compensation
by halcyonn jones on June 23rd, 2020

Very good, I think I found the knowledge I needed. I will see and refer some information in your post. thank you
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