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9/23/07: Mueller HOA/CCR Meeting
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Mueller Community

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9/23/07: Mueller HOA/CCR Meeting
by langhugh on September 22nd, 2007

In case anyone missed the message on the Yahoo Group, a group of pioneers are getting together to discuss some HOA and CCR issues on Sunday, September 23rd at 3:00PM at Genuine Joe's Coffeehouse on Anderson Lane. Linked here are a CCR factsheet and a presentation of talking points for tomorrow's meeting

Directions to Joe's:

Mueller CCR Factsheet: ... tsheet.doc

Mueller CCR/HOA Talking Points: ... kgroup.pps
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mrs aaron
Mueller Community

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by mrs aaron on September 23rd, 2007

we can't make it today, but i sure do appreciate all the work people are putting in to this! the factsheet and plan look great. nice work!

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Mueller Community

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untitled topic
by langhugh on September 26th, 2007


This HOA/CCR workgroup meeting was a pleasant and constructive discussion of the neighborhood's perception of the Mueller Design Principles, the design's New Urbanist roots, and methods the neighborhood can employ to discuss the HOA/CCR constructively with Catellus and the forming HOA task force. Here are some of the themes of the discussion followed by the next steps for the workgroups.

[size=150:225zkzk9]THEMES [/size:225zkzk9]

1. MUELLER IS A NEW URBANIST DEVELOPMENT. The Mueller Design Book reflects most of the key New Urbanist principles. The Mueller Website and marketing materials further advertise New Urbanist principles as key to Mueller's design. While no one would dispute this, it would follow that our HOA/CCR also reflect the principles consistently.

2. INFORM NEIGHBORS ABOUT THE CCR DOCUMENTS. In general, there may be confusion as to what documents exist and what they all mean. Some of the builders have not made the buyers aware of the documents. Therefore, we have attempted to organize them and have posted a document with explanations, as we understand them.

Again the link to the summary is here: ... tsheet.doc
The corresponding documents are here:

3. TAKE THE RATIONAL, PRINCIPLED APPROACH. The most effective approach in discussing HOA/CCR should be based on principles. The guiding principles include the Mueller Design Book, the Mueller Green Resources Guide, and the prevailing standards (City of Austin ordinances) of other Austin urban neighborhoods. Interactions with the developer and HOA task force conducted in a way that can benefit the developer, the Mueller neighbors, and the surrounding communities.

4. RESEARCH THE PREVAILING STANDARDS IN OTHER AUSTIN URBAN NEIGHBORHOODS. The current covenants appear to be similar to ones drafted for suburban developments that may not be within city limits, the City of Austin probably already has regulations/ordinances/programs in place to address many of the issues such as parking, signage, etc. It would be helpful to know the current city regulations so that the documents may defer to those when relevant.

5. DEFINE OUR HOA/CCR CONCERNS. The concerns regarding the HOA fall into two categories: 1) the actual covenants and restrictions, and 2) the governance of the HOA (who makes the decisions, how to have input, transparency in the process, etc). This boils down to understanding that the Mueller Re-Development is unique in a variety of ways, one of which is that is our urban neighborhood, governed by an HOA/CCR structure, is surrounded by neighborhoods without such governance. If the Mueller HOA/CCR governance gains a reputation of being onerous and not necessarily aligned with either its design principles or the mores of urban Austin neighborhoods, this can only serve to detract from the HOA's mission of protecting the neighborhood's financial and quality of life interests. This is clearly a common interest held by the neighborhood and the developer, and should be the impetus for cooperation.

6. REACH OUT TO THE HOA TASK FORCE. It would be beneficial if the neighbors were better represented on the HOA Task Force, both by holding seats on the task force as well as by being able to attend the meetings.

[size=150:225zkzk9]NEXT STEPS FOR NEIGHBORS[/size:225zkzk9]

1. Educate ourselves on Mueller's New Urbanist Design Principles and read the development's guiding documents, The Mueller Design Book and the Mueller Green Resources Guide. This is encouraged for all neighbors.

2. Research City of Austin Ordinances concerning yard signage, on-street parking, landscaping, solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and outdoor pets. If someone has experience here, please contact Dusty Harshman or Ashley Fisher

3. Approach Tate-Austin about HOA Task Force composition and schedule. Ashley and Dusty will make the contact here.

4. Meet on October 7th to evaluate our progress. All will be notified and invited.

Dusty Harshman and Ashley Fisher

PS: Ashley, I hope I didn't butcher your notes too badly.
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