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as requested, Sunday Dec 9 MNA meeting summary
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mrs aaron
Mueller Community

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as requested, Sunday Dec 9 MNA meeting summary
by mrs aaron on December 10th, 2007

Mueller Neighborhood Association Meeting Dec. 9, 2007
This is a summary, not minutes. And I had to leave early.

Started off with about 5 neighbors present, grew to maybe 20.

MNA- Dusty Harshman- Catellus had already registered a group as the MNA with their own contacts. After discussion, Karen Zabreznik convinced them to withdraw and let us register our group. Thanks Karen!
Dusty does not foresee a second set of dues for the MNA, we’ll try to get funds from the POA.

Rick Krivoniak said sometime next summer the Windsor Park NA will “give up” to our association some of the non-Mueller (non-City) land they currently claim (the water tower land, Troublemaker Studios). They grabbed those previously in order to be informed whenever zoning and other decisions were made.

Online Survey and Open House results- Dusty
150 responses to Online Survey
80% respondents were homeowners
10% on waiting list
6% on Pioneer list, but not buying right now
4% community stakeholders

60% of respondents have never lived with a HOA type structure before,
overall a mixed-leaning to positive attitude toward this community association,
high interest in community governance

Top 10 key concerns in order:
1. parking and traffic (70 respondents)
2. landscaping/fencing (40)
3. modifications- freedom
4. pets (28)
5. amenities
6. enforcement
7. green additions
8. reverting to City of Austin ordinances
9. security
10. level of fees

POA- Dusty and Rick provided information regarding the soon to be released Rules and Regulations and FAQ from Catellus. Currently in draft form. Basically represent the covanents, in laymans terms and with a few additions.

Highlights (or maybe Lowlights?)
• Parking and Traffic
o 30 minute on street for residents
o 72 hours for guests
Unless emergency or written permission
enforceable? realistic?

• Landscaping, Fencing, and Modifications
o Any exterior modification must go through review committee
Catellus asks us to “trust them” that 80% of modifications will be approved
Christmas lights? a chair on the porch?

• Pets
o 3 pet limit (only 2 can be dogs)
o no Pit Bulls, dangerous or exotic animals, must be customary, domesticated
o no outdoor pets without a leash (cats)

Water Tower report- Rick
Bids opened about a week and a half ago. All bids were higher than expected.
Steel frame (cool design) $15 million
Concrete base design $6 million
Both significantly more $ than standard “design”. Catellus has interest in better design.
Rick will have to explain possible funding for the better designs. Sorry Rick.

Elementary School at Mueller- Kim Wine
Not much chance at getting one of two remaining new schools on the 2004 AISD Bond Package. Three other areas deemed “needing more immediate relief”. Currently Maplewood is at 346 with a capacity of 400, has 5 portables in use already. Phase 1 and 2 kids will attend Maplewood.

We need to speak up at the two public hearings- January 10 and 15. Meeting times and locations TBA. Wendy Morgan (Maplewood parent) has been contacted regarding getting the Maplewood community involved also.
Contact AISD with questions and concerns at: ... pt=contact

Closing concerns
Community Assessment fee- ¼ of 1%
This fee funds the social goals of Mueller, mainly the Mueller Foundation for the Affordable Housing.
Not the flat $150 fee to POA.
Problem is some buyers paying it, some builders paying it, and some have no idea who is paying it.
Meritage- they pay it
D Weekly- buyer pays
Why is this not a standard across the board? Is this a charitable deduction?

At this point I had to leave to go eat potato latkes. I hope I did a respectable job.
Kim Wine
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Re: as requested, Sunday Dec 9 MNA meeting summary
by ret1ree00 on December 11th, 2007

Good summary Kim! There was some discussion after you left about cable/internet/phone providers. If residents opt for the TW Mueller package, the basic cable and Roadrunner is billed through the POA. If residents add upgrades, those are billed separately directly by TW. ATT also has fiberoptic lines installed and will be offering bundled services, including TV.

Discussion was wrapping up when I had to leave so that's all I have to add.
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Mueller Community

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TW numbers?
by momof4 on December 11th, 2007

Anyone know the number to call for setting up TW services? I called the regular number today and they know nothing about any special deal we are getting at Mueller. Also they had our street spelled wrong... Camancho instead of Camacho. Guy insisted that I was wrong! Augh! Anyway... anyone set their stuff up yet? What kind of deal did you get? What other options are there if TW's price is too out there?

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Mueller Community

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untitled topic
by vaneis on December 11th, 2007

If residents opt for the TW Mueller package, the basic cable and Roadrunner is billed through the POA. If residents add upgrades, those are billed separately directly by TW.

I don't understand what this means? What do you mean when you say it is billed through the POA?
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