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The Developing Mueller Prairie
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John Guest
Mueller Community

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Joined on February 2nd, 2008
The Developing Mueller Prairie
by John Guest on June 26th, 2008

The rules of behavior in a new community are in their formative stages and I am learning as I go along. Several participants have suggested that rather than write of our concerns with our neighbors here, we should seek them out more directly and communicate one-on-one.

In support of this argument, I suspect that big front porches, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, small yards, and inviting green spaces were not intended to drive us all to our computers and the virtual world of When I see my neighbor driving the wrong way on our back alley, I don’t automatically rush inside to issue a blanket condemnation of wrong way back alley drivers, but I also don’t leap in front of the car to provide a direct one-on-one lecture on the dangers of wrong way driving. My compromise is more usually to issue what my wife affectionately refers to as “The Look” and to mutter something grumbly and mildly obscene under my breath. My neighbor seems to catch the drift, but I have yet to achieve real behavior modification (in me or them).

In refutation of the one-on-one communication recommendation, it seems hypocritical to communicate recommendations for one-on-one communication on But I guess all of us are at least a little guilty of the “do as I say; not do as I do” approach to life.

My purpose here is not really to address community norms, but rather to issue a blanket observation about an issue of major importance to all of us. The issue is Johnson Grass.

I have learned that Johnson Grass can grow as tall as eight feet high. My observation is that some of us are actively seeking to establish a new Johnson Grass height record. I think we might ask the Mueller Neighborhood Association to select a Johnson Grass Yard of the Month. The advice offered up by Dusty and others on saving our trees should also be applied to the Johnson Grass promotion campaign. (Johnson Grass thrives on heat, drought, lack of mowing, and loves the idea of just being left alone.)
Someday, I’d like to think that tours would be offered in Mueller just so non-Muelleriopians could appreciate the Johnson Grass Preserve and Orchard that is developing here. The day will come when long lines of Segway personal transporters will be rolling (in the right direction) up and down our streets and alleyways to witness the groves of Johnson Grass forests that are getting their simple beginnings right now.

One of my coworkers convinced me that wine can be made from anything that has “juice”. That got me to thinking about Johnson Grass wine. Johnson Grass has an acidic substance that can be toxic, but only if eaten in large quantities. No one would ever consider drinking too much Johnson Grass wine and our tolerant neighbors would not mind a few wobbly Segway tourists who have travelled from all over the world to just sample a few glasses of Mueller Johnson Grass Beaujolais.

So I offer up an humble community vision that I’m sure will round out our fervor for New Urbanism. I urge all of us to continue the propagation of Johnson Grass. Let’s add it officially to the list of approved landscape plants. When we sit down for our Sunday dinner, I shall proudly pick a lovely bouquet of Johnson Grass cuttings to brighten our table and will add to our saying of grace just how grateful we are as a family and as a community to be blessed with this lovely and rare gift of nature.

Oh, grow away you gentle weed
Make our yards look tended
Johnson Grass tis but a seed
That Never has offended.
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Mueller Community

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Re: The Developing Mueller Prairie
by langhugh on June 26th, 2008

Your ironic prose is striking, and I promise I was headed out to the back .040 to harvest my Johnson Grass today...I promise I was.
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Mueller Community

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Joined on November 23rd, 2007
Re: The Developing Mueller Prairie
by eagertomove on June 29th, 2008

My thoughts are not going to be so poetic, but I do understand that approach has an appeal that will reach the hearts of many. I have walked by the corner green space on Antone that fronts the curved set of Standard Pacific homes many times lately and have thought that is a good looking piece of landscaped greenery. I know that the pros come by and mow and take care of it, but I have been trying to get my small piece of grass to look like that, too. What really bothers me as I continue my walk is the number of yards that have foot high weeds in them. Then there are the drives down the alley past the above mentioned Johnson grass patches and dead bushes. I am scratching my head over the fact that we put down from $250k to $750k for these homes and we have let them start to look the way they do. Sorry, if I am offending some, but I guess the artist conceptions of the project that i was looking at this time last year just have not translated into an overall reality. If the upkeep is a matter of too much time, or it's just not your thing, then maybe we could research a community based landscaping bid to take care of all of us at one time.
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Chance Troy

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Joined on July 30th, 2018
The Developing Mueller Prairie
by Chance Troy on April 5th, 2020

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Adam Schule

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Joined on April 13th, 2020
The Developing Mueller Prairie
by Adam Schule on April 13th, 2020

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