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Mail Theft
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Mueller Community

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Mail Theft
by devinrey on September 9th, 2011

We came home today from work and went to check the mailbox on Scales and Zach Scott (next to the Garden Homes) only to notice our mail was missing. Come to find out, the door used to fill the slots was open (it looks like it just wasn't closed appropriately by the post office). All the mail slots inside were empty. We were expecting some items in the mail, so we are quite certain they have been stolen. Any one who also uses the mail box probably has stolen mail as well.

APD referred us to the United States Postal Inspectors to file a theft complaint. Their number is 1-877-876-2455.

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Mueller Community

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Mail Theft
by mbe19 on September 10th, 2011

Thanks for letting us know. This explains why I did not receive a check from a client. Sheesh. I have had more back luck with the Post Office delivery to the Garden Court boxes.

Don't expect much for theft complaint. I did that this morning and all it was just a form that will then go to our local PO for follow-up!! The place that caused the problem!

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Mueller Community

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Mail Theft
by SandJsRoost on September 10th, 2011

I called the 1-800 number last night to report the door standing open and to report that it looked like the mail had been stolen. The person that answered the phone (800 number) called the post office on Blackson Av. They spoke w/someone who said they would send someone to come check it out. I thought and was led to believe they were sending someone right away.
When I saw it still standing open this morning I called the 1 800 number again and the number for P.O. on Blackson Av. (512 419 7504). Person I spoke with said they were a supervisor and didn't know anything about the cluster box standing open. They told me they checked with the carrier who said the door was malfunctioning and that it had been reported. Supervisor said door would be repaired on Monday. She also told me the carrier said he had picked up the mail.
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Mueller Community

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Mail Theft
by MelissaLovelace on September 10th, 2011

When I checked it out just minutes ago, a note posted to the right side of the box furthest from Zach Scott (the unit on the right), says to use the outgoing mail slot on the other box/unit. The left half of the unit on the right did not appear damaged and was locked. The right side was unlocked and open. There are 2 sets of keys in the outgoing slot, one for each side of that unit, I'm guessing?

Anyone know if this will affect mail delivery today, Saturday, 9/10, for those of us assigned to that cluster box, the left side that still locks?

Thanks for your reports to the USPI.
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Mueller Community

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Mail Theft
by Betsy on September 10th, 2011

I saw the carrier, Tony, today. He said the mail wasn't stolen. When he determined that the door latch was broken, he took all the mail back to the PO and reported the need for repair to his supervisor. He also mentioned that he put a note on the outgoing slot today. Sounds like affected residents may need to go to the post office on Blackson if you need your mail immediately.

It didn't sound like it was impacting delivery on the other side of the box cluster.
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Cyndy Dwyer
Mueller Community

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Mail Theft
by Cyndy Dwyer on September 11th, 2011

Tony borrowed an allen wrench from me on Friday in an attempt to fix the mail box. It didn't work. Tony indicated to me that he was reporting the broken mail box to the appropriate USPS department to get the box fixed. It's nice to know we have a mail person who goes the extra mile for us all.
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