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Obsure glass/glass block bathroom window
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Mueller Community

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Obsure glass/glass block bathroom window
by hpc on November 30th, 2007

Our builder, Standard Pacific, says that Catellus will not allow obsure or glass block windows in the master bath, because they look too modern. This seems particularly silly, what with the lot sizes being so small that bathroom windows won't be visible from the street (in our case, although we are on a corner lot, the master bath faces away from the side street).

Question: are any of the other builders offering these as options? And why not?

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Mueller Community

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untitled topic
by CamachoCorral on November 30th, 2007

Our builder (Meritage) accidentally installed a frosted glass window in one of the side-facing bathrooms and then gave us the option of keeping it or not. We insisted that all the bathroom windows be see-through so they removed it and put the regular one back in - so I guess frosted glass was sort of offered as an option.

In any case, I doubt they could have given us the option if it violated some community standard, but I could be totally wrong.

I'd talk to your builder and see if you can work something out. Of course, your priorities and the builders priorities (saving money) don't always match up.

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Mueller Community

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Obscure glass
by hpc on December 17th, 2007

Well, I have found out (contrary to what the Std. Pacific rep has been telling us for months) that obscure glass is NOT against the rules at Mueller. It's simply that Standard Pacific just doesn't want to do it. All the other builders offer obscure bathroom windows as options. When we requested yet again, I was given this answer:


We appreciate your interest in a different option for your master bath
window. We have looked at a number of options for that area, and our
business decision is to stay with the clear glass, divided light window
at the master bath. We will not be offering an obscure window at the
master bath.

I do understand your point that some other builders are doing this.
Each builder has the opportunity to decide what features are standard in
a home and what options they are willing to build in the home.

I apologize in advance for any unhappiness this decision may cause you.

Best regards,

Joan Surko
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Standard Pacific Homes - Austin
12401 Research Boulevard
Building II, Suite 100
Austin, Texas 78759
(512) 506-4017 Phone
(512) 451-1936 Fax

In short, they just don't want to do it. Despite the fact that they offer it in every other development they build in Austin.

Std. Pacific's customer service is terrible.
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Mueller Community

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untitled topic
by austinel on December 19th, 2007

It really is. They don't give a crap what we want, or don't want. Decisions that couldn't possibly matter to them are set in stone -- it's really, really frustrating.

Take the kitchen: in my plan (Roberts), to the left of the stove top, there is a bump out (extra deep -- meaning super close to the edge of the counter) cabinet that has an appliance garage that goes all the way down, totally obstructing the countertop there. I don't want an appliance garage, or if I have to have one, it ought to be next to the refrigerator (a short section of counter) -- the island across from the fridge would be the place to set groceries, etc. Not right next to the stove top, where I need to have room for ingredients at hand, and hot dishes!

So I asked to have it removed, just have a standard upper cabinet there. No. Now, there are options for bumping up cabinets in other parts of the kitchen, and there are lots of customization options for the cabinetry. So why is this one item, which will really interrupt the workspace, and really look terrible, not optional? Who can possibly say?

I think the worst thing is their attitude about changes we'd like -- they'll go so far as to say, "We're not custom builders, perhaps you'd be better off with one" -- just because we want small changes that will have no effect on their build flow, or be radically different from their given choices. It's never been a case of us asking them to move a wall, or put in an unplanned window.
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Mueller Community

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Std. Pacific customer service
by hpc on December 20th, 2007

They are completely unresponsive to customer desires. We have asked for many options to be made available, all of them minor, and been told No. One example: a stone surround for the fireplace. Something they offer in every other development. No, only a granite surround (which doesn't look nearly as interesting and costs as much as stone ever would).

IMHO, Std. Pacific thought that these houses would be in such high demand that they could simplify their house options and less time would be "wasted" on customer desires. I think they are finding out that demand isn't as high as they would like. They are stuck on 54 houses sold, and have been for months. And if it doesn't pick up in the spring, I suspect they will reexamine their business model and conclude they actually have to be responsive to customer desires if they are going to sell houses at Mueller. Unfortunately, this will be of no advantage to the Pioneers.

And it is interesting that, despite not allowing even the most modest changes in their homes, they are BY FAR the slowest builder at Mueller. They are so far behind the other builders it is laughable. Why?
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Mueller Community

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untitled topic
by aaron on December 20th, 2007

I don't mean to pile on, but their customer service was evident at the meet the builder thing back last march/april. They looked at me like I was a lepper when I asked if they could ditch the fireplace. I know I'm a dork, but seriously, I'm a dork with money. It's kind of weird, because we were all ready to sign with SP until that event. Thank goodness I had that rather bad 2 minute conversation with their rep and a good solid 15 minutes convo with the Muskin Co.
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untitled topic
by Digital_work Digital_work on November 2nd, 2021

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