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Meritage Honeywell Thermostat touch screen failing
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Honeywell Thermostat touch screen failing
by Ringo on January 16th, 2013

I found more info on with more details about this issue on a similar model:

This is a long post, but I suggest you read the whole thing before doing anything.
1. Remove the face of the unit from the wall, then remove the plastic casing that covers the touch screen. It takes some force to remove it, and it will snap as you pull it off (sounds like it's breaking but it is not). Then remove the circuit board (with lcd attached) by moving the tabs on the left and right outwards at the same time (you can see where the tabs are securing the screen in the casing).
2. Near the top there are too small ribbon cables that plug into the circuit board. They are fragile, so be careful with them. On the board, you can see the connectors marked for touch screen and lcd. One for each cable. There are two small tabs on either side of the cable. Pull up slightly on the tabs at the same time and they will slide up only 1/8 of an inch or less (very small amount).
3. Carefully slide the cable out (upwards, if you were looking at the touch screen) and then slide it back in to ensure it is fully seated. Again, be careful with these cables, as they are fragile. If your touch screen does not work, then you should only have to reseat the touch screen cable. Reseat the lcd only if there is a problem with the visual display.
4. Insert the lcd screen back into the casing by pushing it straight in (there is a small hole in the lower left corner that matches with the casing). Reattach the plastic cover by snapping it back on (should go back on with some force if you line it up correctly). Finally, reattach the entire face of the unit to the wall (make sure you line this up as well, the pins have to be inserted correctly to avoid breaking them).
If everything works now, then you are back in business. If not, you probably broke your touch screen.
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Grover Garcia
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Meritage Honeywell Thermostat touch screen failing
by Grover Garcia on August 8th, 2020

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Grover Garcia
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Meritage Honeywell Thermostat touch screen failing
by Grover Garcia on August 8th, 2020

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