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A/C Repairman?
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Mueller Community

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A/C Repairman?
by GP on July 19th, 2010

Does anybody know of a good A/C repairman? Our Meritage home does not seem to be diverting the air to the downstairs when the A/C kicks in (it only blows cold upstairs regardless of which thermostat tells the A/C to start). We tried calling one repairman, but they are busy on a big job right now.

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Larry Plutko
Mueller Community

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A/C Repairman?
by Larry Plutko on July 20th, 2010


I highly recommend Fox Service. Here is the link:
We maintain a service contract with them too.


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Mueller Community

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A/C Repairman?
by Hellojustice on July 20th, 2010

I have used Air Conditioning Specialist for over 15 years and have always been satisfied.
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Mueller Community

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A/C Repairman?
by tinochrista on July 21st, 2010

We have a Meritage and recently had AC work done by a person from our church. He is very good, knowledgeable, and more so, he is trustworthy. Here is his info:

Jon Lewis
Dependable Refrigeration
(512) 971-9745
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Mueller Community

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A/C Repairman?
by tj1407 on August 23rd, 2010

What company installed the a/c in the David Weekly homes? We are having some issues and I want to make sure I get someone who is knowledgeable about our system.
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Mueller Community

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A/C Repairman?
by Robyn on August 23rd, 2010

Christianson AC installed our HVAC system in our David Weekley home that was built last summer.


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Mueller Community

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A/C Repairman?
by dhs on August 23rd, 2010

What company installed the a/c in the David Weekly homes? We are having some issues and I want to make sure I get someone who is knowledgeable about our system.

I wouldn't recommend going with Christianson (Weekley's HVAC subcontractor) for two reasons. First, they were unable to fix my HVAC system despite several repair attempts and a detailed analysis done by my building inspector; second, the uneven heating problem is very common among Weekley Mueller homes (their warranty manager told me he was dealing with over a dozen complaints like mine), and Christianson installed all of those systems, and in my case, Christianson installed the "Silver Package" upgrade that was supposed to provide more even heating and cooling.

Since Fox Service was able to fix this problem in another Weekley home, I would start with them.

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Mueller Community

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A/C Repairman?
by ber755 on August 24th, 2010

Did you ever get your AC problems resolved? I'm past my 1 year warranty and not sure what else I can/should do. I had the DW guy and Christianson examine the AC before the warranty expired last summer; they blamed it on the unusually hot weather and the units being so "energy efficient." The weather broke and my year anniversary passed. I installed solar screens on my west facing windows, but my thermostat can still go from 78 to 80 in the afternoon with the AC running full blast on days like these. Something still isn't right. Please share if you've come up with a solution -- I'm in a one-story SoCo that faces West. Thanks. Barbara
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Sherri Kempf
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A/C Repairman?
by Sherri Kempf on August 24th, 2010

We highly recommend R&M Mechanical - 928-2470. They're located 1/2 mile from Mueller. Our garage tenant's HVAC system completely went out last week. When we called Casa Mechanical (the Standard Pacific HVAC contractor), we were told they couldn't be there for 2 days. We immediately called R&M and the technician, Bill, was out there within 2 hours. They HVAC system had a complete failure which resulted in replacement of the thermostat, controller, an air handler fuse and the compressor. The technician worked with the manufacturers to ensure that all parts were under warranty and could be exchanged. He also ordered a new compressor from San Antonio, had it shipped overnight and installed the next day. He told us that the compressor for the garage unit was undersized and mismatched with other components of the HVAC system (e.g. 1 ton compressor matched with 2 ton coil). After talking with a fellow neighbor with a garage apartment, he had experienced a similar repair last summer on his SP garage apartment.

Ironically, over the weekend, we started experiencing the same problem in the main house that you're having with your Meritage home. The air conditioning is all being diverted to the downstairs causing it to run 3 degrees below it's usual setting, while the upstairs is warm. We called R&M this morning and the technician is coming out on Wed morning (tomorrow) to take a look at it. Maybe you can schedule him for tomorrow as well. Hope this helps!
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Mueller Community

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A/C Repairman?
by Duck_Garcia on August 24th, 2010

We had the exact same issue with the A/C just not seemingly working right despite Christianson's explanations about the heat of last summer and the energy efficiency (smaller a/c units) working against us. Last spring & summer (our 2nd in Mueller), the house was not cooling below 78 or 80 until well into the overnight. We had a Christianson tech come out and received the "it's hotter than planned for/energy efficiency" explanation you got plus he needed to recalibrate the refrigerant level in the system. The next day, a second tech came out & told us the refrigerant level wasn't the issue. Instead, it was the evaporator coil that needed to be replaced. The first tech came back out the following (3rd) day, reversed the 2nd tech's ruling, & did his refrigerant level thingy. The cooler weather came last September and all seemed well.

Fast forward to late Spring earlier this year and the same problem started happening again except the problem was worse. The house would not cool below 78 or 80 until, at last, it would not cool. (We have a north-facing, single-story home w/two-story houses on both sides, it shouldn't be that difficult!) The system was working so hard & near constantly that it froze up.

We had McCullough come to inspect & he tells me the evaporator coil (and another part the name of which I cannot recall) needs to be replaced! I called Mike @ DW, explained all this, and he had a Christianson field manager come take a look.

In the end, Christianson virtually gutted and replaced our system (including the evaporator coil) under warranty with no cost to us (neither parts nor labor) since we'd had a paper/call/record trail indicating the problem existed very early on in our occupancy of the house.

I don't know how I feel about Christianson doing this latest work for us given the inability of some of their techs to do things right the prior 2 years. I will say that Dudley, the Christianson field manager, was AWESOME. He was able to do in about 2 hours what no one prior to him had been able to accomplish and STILL had a couple of techs come out to do the gutting & replacement. Our system has worked fine since then even in the current 100 temps.
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