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Questions about Mueller Schools and the Community
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Mueller Community

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Joined on July 14th, 2008
Questions about Mueller Schools and the Community
by nzette on July 14th, 2008

Hi, We are currently considering buying in the Mueller community, however, we have a few concerns. Our main concern is the schools. Our daughter will not start kindergarten until 2011, but I was wondering what the parents in the neighborhood thought about Maplewood. I've read some posts already, so I have an idea of what some of you think, but any information would help.

We were also wondering what your thoughts are about the community. The information we've read so far sounds exactly like what we are looking for in a community. Are you happy you bought a home there? Does the construction going on bother you at all? Is it what you thought it would be? We were told it is going to be an eight year process, and that concerns us a little. Are there a lot of children in the community? Sorry for so many questions, but we're moving from out of town and trying to make the best decision based on the information we have been given. Thanks for any responses!!! Feel free to e-mail us personally.

Nicole and Brandon Witzel
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mrs aaron
Mueller Community

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Re: Questions about Mueller Schools and the Community
by mrs aaron on July 14th, 2008

There are more kids in this development than I had imagined. We love to think about them graduating high school together (years from now).
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Mueller Community

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Re: Questions about Mueller Schools and the Community
by canario on July 14th, 2008

Our son is starting kindergarten this fall. My husband and I performed rather exhaustive analyses of school data for various elementary schools in the area (we are both statisticians). We were initially planning to transfer our son to one of the top-rated schools but alas, as has been the case for the last 3 years, the school was closed to transfers.

We then considered a transfer to a school farther away, with higher academic ratings, and weighed the pros and cons of such a decision. By the time we moved to Mueller we had narrowed it down to either Maplewood or UT Elementary since we decided that the diversity factor was more important than academics. Note that Maplewood has been rated "Academically Acceptable" for the last few yeears.

We attended a kindergarten information meeting at Maplewood and really enjoyed the "vibe." We decided to go ahead and submit our application to UT Elementary (lottery system). I will admit that I had not visited the UT Elem campus and I was quite disappointed when I dropped the app off at the school. They are all portable buildings and they are landlocked. I did not see any grass for a playground but I will admit that I did not take a tour of the entire grounds.

As we have had more time to ponder our decision. We have opted to go with Maplewood most notably because the majority of his neighborhood buddies will be attending the school and we loved the parent involvement and sense of community Maplewood appears to engender. In then end, if we are worried about the academic quality, we decided we could always supplement.

Hope that helps.
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Mueller Community

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Re: Questions about Mueller Schools and the Community
by queeneliz1 on July 14th, 2008

Our daughter is 4 and will start kindergarten at Maplewood in fall 2009. We are enthusiastic about Maplewood and have thoroughly enjoyed all the contact so far. Before Mueller residents even began moving in, one of the PTA reps from Maplewood began inviting us to their monthly gardening day at the school -- they have a garden that the kids can grow, eat and learn from -- and we attended a gardening day last October. The principal was right there digging with everyone, they had shovels and gardening stuff for the kids, and a few teachers -- everyone was so welcoming of us. Maplewood also has the highest library circulation in the AISD elementaries! (I'm a librarian so that thrills me.)

Mueller is absolute kid heaven. We are so excited finally to have lots of other children our daughter's age right around us. We gather almost nightly at the Garden Court, park/pool, or for splash night -- mostly spontaneous get togethers when we just see each other out and about. Feel free to send me a private message if you'd like to chat more.
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Mueller Community

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Re: Questions about Mueller Schools and the Community
by vaneis on July 14th, 2008

My most favorite thing about the neighborhood is that any time my child needs a playmate, we literally just step out our front door. There is almost always someone at the park, the pool, or just riding up and down the street on their bicycle. We only have 1 child and have no plans for any others, so it is nice that she has playmates literally just outside our front door.

We couldn't be happier with how open and warming the community is. Of course there are parts of the construction that can be annoying, but it is a necessarily evil. Our street is finished, so we don't notice it as much any more. I think once Phase 1 is completely finished, it will feel even more like home. It's fun to watch all the changes from week to week.

We are starting our daughter (she will turn 3 in November) at Twin Oaks Motessori and will plan on moving her to Maplewood when she is ready for kindergarten. We are excited to be a part of the community and involved with the local public schools.
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Mueller Community

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Re: Questions about Mueller Schools and the Community
by sandyfivecoat on July 14th, 2008

We LOVE living in Mueller -- and have 4 grandkids right around the corner from us, 2 of whom go to Maplewood. They LOVE it. My daughter -- mom of 4 --- can tell you more, but the kids have never been happier. And they transferred from a blue ribbon school in Round Rock. I wrote a couple of posts in my business blog referencing Mueller and Maplewood, if you are interested. . . ... -changing/

and ... -amaze-me/

Peace, love, Mueller.
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Mueller Community

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Re: Questions about Mueller Schools and the Community
by momof4 on July 15th, 2008

As you have already read, there are tons of kids here! My 4 kids have never played outside as much as they have here in Mueller. It feels like what a community is supposed to be like -- kids outside playing together, having fun, creating memories, and growing up together. Even my three year olds point out their friends homes as we walk by. They don't hesitate to go up and ring the bell to get their friends out to play. It's so great!

As for Maplewood, I could go on and on about what a refreshing, wonderful, full, caring, community school this is! As my mom stated above, we came from a school that was ranked exemplary in RRISD. I found it to be extremely competitive with a huge focus on the TAKS test. Kids were getting tutors after school just to get ahead, not because they were behind. We don't do things like that - as I mentioned before I like my kids to play :) - so my girls were always feeling "behind" even though they weren't! Maplewood certainly has it's share of extremely bright kids, but not at the expense of being well rounded. Yes, they want the kids to score well on the TAKS test, but not in lieu of the many other activities going on there. The PTA meetings have a HUGE turnout every month. Tons of the families show up to learn what is going on in their school. Usually they are pot luck and it really feels like a community eating dinner together, talking about what cool things are coming up with our kids' education. The school does many things to allow the kids to work with other kids across the grades. My 3rd grader taught the solar system lesson for a K class last year. She is super into science and was recognized for that. She was shown how to prepare a lesson, given materials to use, got up and taught the little ones what she knew about the solar system. She felt like a true leader, learned how to prepare a presentation, felt the joy of teaching others, and learned a little more about what 5 year olds might ask you. For field day (where the kids compete in tons of athletic races in teams) the 6th graders and UT students helped organize the younger kids in their teams and complete the races. Then the 6th grader girls took it upon themselves to teach the kids some cheers for each of their teams. They were so into it! My daughters still remember their cheers and talk about how cool it was to have older girls pay such an interest in them. It's things like this that exemplify what I mean by a community school. It really feels like "we're all in this together" over there at Maplewood.

As for academics... I feel like there is definitely a bell curve there of student ability/achievement. It is the right balance. The kids who are ahead are challenged with new projects, the kids who are behind are getting the assistance they need to catch up. I am amazed by the teachers' ability to teach to all levels -- never leaving one behind and never leaving one bored. Granted, I have only personally been involved in two classrooms at the school, but this opinion is echoed from other parents. There are also a TON of FREE after school classes over there -- robotics, french, ballet folklorico, puppetry, scrabble, chess, etc. This is a huge plus!

In reading over this, it seems I am a bit polly-anna about living over here! I admit, I am biased in that I just love it here. So, for some balance, here are the cons I've found about Mueller/Maplewood: construction is not fun to hear (only lasts a few months really near you though and it's fun to see changes), we need a swim team (I'm working on this though... more to come later), Maplewood isn't a walkable distance away, Maplewood could use more funding for technology (again there is a team in place working on this), Mueller could use more shops/restaurants (again coming soon I'm just impatient :) ) That's about all I can come up with. Feel free to PM me if you have any more specific questions about anything I've put here. I am the PTA VP at Maplewood this year so I will have more insight on specifics going on there if you have specific questions. Also there is a Maplewood yahoo group where you can join and ask questions.

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steve cane

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Re: Questions about Mueller Schools and the Community
by steve cane on January 22nd, 2020

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