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Stapleton schools
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mrs aaron
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Stapleton schools
by mrs aaron on December 15th, 2007

This is a much bigger community, but facing the same challenges. I plan to do more research.

Urban Schools: From Minus to Plus?

In November 2002, software engineer Erik Darzins and his wife Melissa moved their family to Stapleton. The prospect of neighborhood schools was a positive and even definitive factor in their decision. The next fall the Darzins began walking their oldest daughter to kindergarten at the brand new Westerly Creek Elementary a half-mile away.

The Darzins represent a new trend: middle-income families with kids moving into the city for the schools rather than away from urban public schools. Melissa Darzins, now vice president of the PTA, generally talks in glowing terms of her new school—10 years ago the site of an airport runway. “Everyone’s been working together as a community,” says Darzins of Westerly Creek’s families and staff. “My child has had a great classroom experience for two years in a row.”

Stapleton’s Education Master Plan poses ambitious solutions to related problems—low-quality urban schools that segregate the poor, while fueling middle-class flight and suburban sprawl. In a few years, Stapleton will include six public schools designed to rival the best suburban schools. Efforts are also underway to improve schools in surrounding neighborhoods. School populations will be economically diverse because Stapleton homes sell from $120,000 to over $1 million, with apartment rents from $600 to $2,000 a month.

Stapleton encourages neighborhood kids and parents to walk to the local schools. Pictured is the annual "Pool to School" walk from Stapleton's Aviator Park to Westerly Creek Elementary, launching the opening of each school year.
Photo courtesy Forest City Stapleton, Inc.

The Education Master Plan supports small neighborhood schools for 500 students or less, rather than large, comprehensive regional schools. Here again, educational and planning goals dovetail. Many experts believe smaller schools provide a better education and social environment for students who would “fall through the cracks” in a comprehensive school. Smaller schools require smaller sites that fit into city neighborhoods, allowing kids to walk to school and boosting sense of community.

Creating schools to lure families who can choose to live elsewhere was another major challenge for Stapleton. Though hardly the most distressed urban school system, the Denver Public Schools (DPS) system has real problems. Many stem from busing to achieve racial integration from 1974 to 1995. This well-intended program spurred classic middle-class flight. In 1970, DPS enrollment peaked at 97,781. Enrollment dropped by 30,000 within 10 years and today stands at 72,000. Urban test scores are lower than in many suburban districts.

As the first Stapleton schools opened in August 2003, DPS watched anxiously to see if they would provide models for improving the entire system. Located on a neighborhood block across the street from homes, the Westerly Creek campus includes an 80,000-square-foot building containing both the 220-student Odyssey Charter School and the 325-student Westerly Creek Elementary, where the Darzins are sending their kids. A shared core with offices, a gym, and library connects separate wings for each school.

Stapleton's streetscapes feature houses of different sizes with intricate architectural details.
Photo courtesy Forest City Stapleton, Inc.

More recently, the $14 million Denver School of Science and Technology (DSST) debuted at Stapleton. Boosted by start-up funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this charter high school welcomed its first freshman class of 130 to a temporary building in August 2004. The school moved to a sleek, new energy-efficient building at Stapleton in January 2005. Tucked in among Stapleton’s homes, DSST is planned to draw half its students from Stapleton and half from low-income, minority, and female kids from throughout the city—the groups usually excluded from science and tech education.

In exchange, students are expected to flourish in a “tough love” environment with high academic standards equal to the University of Colorado’s admission requirements. “The culture is not for everyone,” commented the Rocky Mountain News in a January 9, 2005, editorial. “But if several hundred inner-city kids end up flourishing in it, DPS officials would be insane not to make sure that several thousand have a similar opportunity.”
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Schnyla eider

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Stapleton schools
by Schnyla eider on September 19th, 2019

Stapleton school is here. I would like to show you the breif details about this school. I tell you all about the of the school hope all the students must come on this school page and they read if they want anything from this page.
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