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Mueller Community

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New website: check out the disclaimer!
by R P on July 6th, 2010

Does this have anything to do with website traffic & advertising revenue? Are we not getting enough "eyeballs" on the current sites? Is that the real reason they don't want to participate in this site (combined with the lack of control over content)? If there is ad revenue generated by *ANY* website paid for by the POA, that needs to be fully documented and put back into the POA funds.

Perhaps it is just plain revenue--like a reward for drumming up some business for HOA-Sites? HOA-Sites has a "White Label Resellers program" and a "Co-branding" program which encourage management companies and property managers to charge the associations they manage "extra" for using HOA-Sites' services.

Here's the link:

A couple of quotes from the link:
"You can bill them for a premium above the prices we charge you.".... "How much extra can I charge over your prices?" .... "You can charge your clients as much as you would like for their website."

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Mueller Community

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New website: check out the disclaimer!
by sloneycho on July 6th, 2010

Based on the prices Jennifer gave me, we are in their "co-branding" program. They offer three tiers of services and we are paying for the most expensive tier at $400 setup $950 annual. The next level down is $200 setup $450 annual, with the difference being conceirge service and a fully customized site.

There is a thirty day money back guarantee.

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