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Notes from Oct. 29th POA Mixed-Use Board of Directors meeting
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Notes from Oct. 29th POA Mixed-Use Board of Directors meeting
by Betsy on November 2nd, 2014

Here are my notes from our meeting last week:

Call to order and verify quorum (Greg Weaver)
- All Board members were present
- Matt Dean introduced… new member on Catellus team to replace Tommy Tucker. He will be introduced at the POA Annual Meeting on Nov. 6th.

Manager’s Report (Jennifer Harvey)
- Review of Work Session - Jennifer reminded us that at these meetings, we don’t discuss specific violations and that we’re separate from the developer so we don’t discuss developer business
- Report from Mueller Master Community
----Landscape Maintenance (switch to FiveStar) - local historically underutilized business (HUB) company. Hoping for better response on irrigation issues. Start officially Nov. 10. Firm is very customer service oriented. Probably will sub out for expertise on native plants to work on the prairie. Greg and Mark Simmons have talked about similar issues and experience elsewhere (need large company but also need specialized expertise on board). Landscape Committee very involved in reviewing proposals and choosing the firm.
----Trash Study - Met with solar trash compactor company after they studied our trash . We have 54 trash containers, 2350 gal/day trash, 1430 gal/day recycling on average. They made suggestions regarding good locations for ‘big bellies’ - 90 gal solar compactors. Might be good option for more remote locations because we wouldn’t have to check them as often. The ‘big bellies’ send a text message when nearly full!
----Pond Maintenance
------Focus on Cattails now. Prior focus was elephant ears.

Committee Reports
---Resident Activities Committee
-----Fall Festival – November 8th , 10-1 at the hangar, family friendly event. New event… info coming soon.
---Landscape Committee
-----No recommendation made re: shade at Ella Wooten
-----Replant of demo garden being planned
---Pool Committee
-----John Gaines pool feedback - request for water volleyball being evaluated

Resident Concerns
o Yard maintenance and tree trimming violations - numerous notices sent about a month ago and gave people to end of October. People need to take corrective action. Low hanging branches impact everyone.
o Filming - Discussed reconvening a rules committee to discuss whether we should have some mitigation - limits on hours, parking mitigation, etc.

Annual Meeting(s) – Thursday, November 6, 2014
o Proxies needed to make quorum!
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Mueller Community

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Notes from Oct. 29th POA Mixed-Use Board of Directors meeting
by doug on November 2nd, 2014

Thanks, Betsy.

I vote yes on pool volleyball for the new pool!
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