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Notes from 29Jan2014 POA work group meeting

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Notes from 29Jan2014 POA work group meeting

by Betsy on January 31st, 2014

I attended my second work group meeting of the POA Board on Wednesday. Here’s a summary of what was discussed.

- POA Let’s Talk on Wednesday (Feb. 5th, 6-7pm at Mueller Central) will focus on tree maintenance, and whether or not the POA should take over annual trimming/fertilizing of street trees. No decisions will be made at this meeting, but your input is needed!
- Resident Activities Committee organized a successful POA social hour at Waterloo Ice House. About 70 people attended, including some new residents. These may be held more frequently in the future, possibly monthly. Thanks to Kat Malcom for organizing.... more volunteers are needed for this committee.
- Pool Committee - They’re meeting with lifeguard companies, and have provided recommendations to Catellus on the design of the next pool (across Berkman from most current residential). Resurfacing of the plaster in the pool will start in February if the weather is warm enough. This needs to be done every 5-7 years so we’re on schedule. They should finish by April 1 and open on time, but extended cold weather may result in opening delays.
- Trout fishing event at Lake Park on Feb. 2nd at the request of Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept. Hard to tell how many people will attend, but extra porters will be on duty that weekend for trash collection.
- Numerous events are scheduled at the Hangar this Spring. E-mail blasts will keep us posted. The POA has turned down over 200 requests!
- Yard maintenance - Jennifer gets lots of complaints about poorly maintained yards. She sends about 10 reminder postcards every week. We talked about the enforcement process, and perhaps going to a 3-stage reminder system: green card (friendly reminder), yellow card (warning), official letter with fine information. More discussion on this in the coming months.
- Builder trash from home construction - Catellus may require builders to submit a trash disposal plan to help reduce this problem in the future.
- Billing Process - Title companies generally include the first couple of months in closing fees. Residents can set up auto-draft debit payments with no fee. Or, you can mail a check. You can also pay with a credit card online, but those fees are high due to bank fees. That option is really only intended for those with a very large balance (back payments and fines) if they need to charge it to a card.
- Community Garden - planned for a future phase. May be a topic for a Let’s Talk in the near future to get input on how to manage the garden (assignment of plots, any for non-residents?, set aside for schools?, etc)
- Catellus is talking with the landscapers to develop a contemplative area in the next greenway for use as a remembrance garden (not dedicated to any specific individual)
- Resident Concerns - Development is progressing quickly... if you have questions about what is happening, email Catellus at
- Parking Garage - Upper levels should open soon after the elevators are installed.
- Torchy’s is in design review and is on schedule to open this summer.
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Mueller Community

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Notes from 29Jan2014 POA work group meeting

by Steve on February 1st, 2014

Thank you for posting all this great info. It is much appreciated!
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