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Parking in front of Mailboxes
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Kathy Sokolic
Mueller Community

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Joined on March 19th, 2008
Parking in front of Mailboxes
by Kathy Sokolic on August 21st, 2012


Officer Tarver sent this email out today about parking next to mailboxes. There are some blocks that are called out specifically.


My message serves only to pass on information regarding concerns from postal service personnel. Postal service personnel responsible for Mueller residential area deliveries have voiced concerns regarding parking near community mailboxes. Areas of substantial concern were directed along Hargis St, Sham St, and the 4400 block of Camacho St. It was stated that obstructing the parking/delivery spaces near the mailboxes causes safety hazards for the postal drivers. Postal service personnel claimed this was a habitual problem and also that the concerns have been discussed with citizens within the area on several occasions. It was noted that US Postal Service “Approaches to Curbside Mailboxes” notices have been placed on vehicles numerous times. Moreover, it was emphasized by the postal staff that “safety hazard forms” would be completed and submitted to supervisors at their workplace. Subsequently, mail deliveries would be discontinued and citizens would be required to pick up their mail at postal facilities until the safety hazards were no longer observed.

Below, I have posted [also attached] the US Postal Service “Approaches to Curbside Mailboxes” notice to for informational purposes.

Officer Antwain T. Tarver #5202
Region 3 District Representatives
Austin Police Department
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Imogene Silva

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Parking in front of Mailboxes
by Imogene Silva on October 24th, 2019

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rachel nisbet

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by rachel nisbet on December 21st, 2019

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Linda Mumma

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Parking in front of Mailboxes
by Linda Mumma on January 21st, 2020

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