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Guitar/bass/vocal coaching/drum lessons in Mueller!- $30/hour
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Guitar/bass/vocal coaching/drum lessons in Mueller!- $30/hour
by Jaybird3YC on May 28th, 2012

Private music lessons in your home from a Mueller local! $30/hour in: guitar, bass guitar, vocal coaching and beginning trapset drumming (rock drumming). You or your child will receive tailored guidance, based on your interests and abilities. Live recording is often used as an instructional tool, and has been shown to provide strong results.

Learn what is the most practical and relevant for you so you can pursue the music you want to! Jason currently teaches individual and group lessons at Austin Area Homeschooler's Association, Odyssey School, Maverick School and Red River Church.

"Jason started teaching my daughter when she was 9 and it's amazing to see the progression over time. He is very patient with her and looks for ways to motivate her to bring out the potential he sees in her, which includes adding vocals and songs by artists she enjoys. Her lessons consist of guitar and voice which she eagerly looks forward to twice a week. "

-Cherie Werner

"Jason is a talented musician and a godly man. He has the ability and commitment to bring out the very best in his students. Our son, who is a senior in high school, is in his second year of Worship Team class with Jason. He also took private singing lessons from Jason."

-John and Cynthia Lindsley

"Jason has a great ability to connect w/ kids and impart his passion for guitar. "

-Elizabeth Castiglioni

"My son looks forward to every lesson with Jason. Jason is very good at keeping my son interested while learning even though my son just feels like he is having a good time. The best thing about getting to have Jason teach my son guitar is that he is someone that my son really admires and looks up to."

-Rebecca Elias

"Jason truly has the gift of teaching and his patience and encouragement to his students is a highly contributing factor to their success. He started teaching my son, Randy, several years ago after he had taken lessons with someone else. Randy was pretty much resigned to thinking he had learned all he could and didn't really want to start with another teacher. Jason was so encouraging and has really brought Randy to a new level of guitar playing, so much so that Randy really enjoys the learning process. He also teaches my other son, David, and David has excelled in guitar and bass. Jason also encourages his students to compose their own music and also record and mix their music."

-Judy Mack

"My son loves his drum lessons with Jason. Will has some learning disabilities and Jason handles this very well. He is teaching Will to record/produce his own music, as well as play bongos and conga. Will is having a blast!"

-Suzanne Pierson

"Jason is a one who has grown up before our eyes. His family and church community (Red River Church) have partnered with Hope Chapel for many years. We think Jason is one of the finest and we are honored to have him work with us."

-Jack Dorman, Worship Pastor of Hope Chapel
About Jason's involvement at N2Worship

"On the way home last night [student] was the most excited I've seen her in a long time. You are doing a tremendous job of drawing her talents out of her."

-Anonymous Parent of a Student
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