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Wednesday: On-Street Parking Town Hall
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Mueller Community

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Wednesday: On-Street Parking Town Hall
by Ashley on November 3rd, 2009

Actually, before we moved in (which was Feb 2008), we were told that rule was being examined and would be most likely changed in some way.

And due to that, it would not be enforced (as has been the case).

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Mueller Community

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Wednesday: On-Street Parking Town Hall
by kerry on November 3rd, 2009

I also support using city ordinances to regulate our street parking.
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Mueller Community

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Wednesday: On-Street Parking Town Hall
by sloneycho on November 3rd, 2009

Based on their website, Austin's residential permit parking program is very ill defined. In other cities, permit parking zones are requested by residents on a block-by-block basis. Once in place, if you don't live in the permit zone, you can't get a permit.

I think we all have a certain tolerance for the distance we are willing to walk from our car to our house when parking on the street. In a past life, mine had reached about four blocks before I gave up the car altogether and went car-share with 10 cars parked two blocks away.
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Mueller Community

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Wednesday: On-Street Parking Town Hall
by GP on November 3rd, 2009

I do not believe that Mueller would qualify for the RPPP at this time, due to the examples of 'parking problems' mentioned on the website. That being said, there are many city ordinances (section 12-5, I believe) that already define parking restrictions within the City of Austin (e.g. - a vehicle can only be parked in a single space for 72 hours, etc.), regardless of where you are or if you are in a special district.
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Mueller Community

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Wednesday: On-Street Parking Town Hall
by schroed on November 3rd, 2009

To those of you who think there's not a parking problem in Mueller:

What do you think our neighborhood will look like when those of us who've been parking BOTH our cars in the garage suddenly move them all to the street? There are many more of us than you think.

And please do not tell me that a street packed wall-to-wall with parked cars is safer. That's a joke. Yes, people drive slower, but not nearly slow enough to make up for the drastically reduced sight distance. If you've never had a kid pop in front of you from behind a parked car, consider yourself lucky.

PS- big thank you to the parking committee for trying to work out a compromise on this contentious issue.
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Sean Henry
Mueller Community

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Wednesday: On-Street Parking Town Hall
by Sean Henry on November 3rd, 2009

I am confused. How did this whole issue come up anyway?

Our house lots are quite small. Thus, any parking situation has to be resolved in a "neighborly" manner through communication, not simply ordinance.

We look into one another backyards, we share parks... why all the fuss about the parking situation? Isn't that a basic result of living in a desirable, yet compact area?

To give more background... we share a house with 4 adults and a child. Do we get a credit for taking up less land area than someone who has a large house with only 1 or 2 people in it?

We tried having only three cars, but we all have different schedules. So - yes, we have 2 cars in the garage and 2 cars parked in the street most nights.

Yes - I am adamantly opposed to the parking proposal.
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Mueller Community

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Wednesday: On-Street Parking Town Hall
by Robyn on November 3rd, 2009

yes we knew what the neighborhood covenants were when we moved in. and no...we are not yet parking any cars in the garage just yet (we moved in a month ago and still can't walk in there, so forget about wedging a car in there).

i grew up in an old urbanism neighborhood in an old city (New Orleans), where we had a garage, but didn't park in it (we kept junk in it)...but rather parked all cars (we had when i was in high school) on the street. it's where i learned to parallel park!

i hope that the covenant does get changed to follow city ordinances. i'd prefer NOT to pay to keep parking on the street. someday...we may actually get a car in the garage...but i never foresee getting both in there. our streets are city streets...why can't we just park on them? i hope that this gets changed.
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mrs aaron
Mueller Community

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Wednesday: On-Street Parking Town Hall
by mrs aaron on November 3rd, 2009

I agree that people should parkcars in their garages instead of junk. but many Mueller garages just weren't designed large enough for two cars, even without the junk. we are lucky our Muskin home has ample space for vehicles and storing our junk.

really, the only compelling thing i'm hearing is that kids might pop out between cars. to that i say, keep an eye on your kids and teach them to stay out of the street. you cannot make rules for every accident that might happen.

Cherrywood doesn't have parking rules that are different from the city ordinances, why should we? They have houses that are occupied by multiple students, and not a lot of garages in some sections.
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Mueller Community

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Wednesday: On-Street Parking Town Hall
by Betsy on November 3rd, 2009

Parking IS a contentious issue. I can tell you that those on the committee have opinions across the entire spectrum of possibilities, as do those in our community. Some like the covenant we all signed, limiting residents to 30 minutes of on-street parking. Some have a need to park on the street and favor no regulation at all. The committee tried to strike a balance.... some regulation so those homes parking 4 cars on the street have an incentive to get some of the cars into their garage, without being overly burdensome to families who need to park 1-2 vehicles on the streets.

We've got to come to some sort of compromise, even if it's not what we personally prefer.

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Mueller Community

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Wednesday: On-Street Parking Town Hall
by cole.kitten on November 3rd, 2009

Several things to consider:
1. This can not be solved by a vocal minority. Who is on the parking solutions group? Is it representative of who lives in Mueller? If it affects everyone living in Mueller it should be solved by everyone in Mueller, by a vote, not a group proposal.
2. What is the problem? Safety? Insufficient parking space per household? Too many cars per household? It’s not pretty? This needs to be fully expressed before it is even considered a problem.
3. Design Principals. Has there been sufficient research on the subject to already have this proposal drafted? On-Street Parking is quote, a design principal, designed to slow traffic, create a pedestrian barrier, etc. (read any book written by the almighty Peter Calthorpe and friends). Believe it or not, Mueller is not a Transit Oriented Development, as of yet, therefore people are still restricted to their cars just like any other subdivision. People can not own just 1 or 2 cars per household, unless there is only one person in the house. Which brings me to my final point, because I could go on and on, Mueller is single “family”, meaning “family”, not 1 or 2 people per household, but 2 parents and 2 kids and a dog. Heaven help you if both kids are of driving age and you have to pay to park under the proposed parking solution.

So in conclusion, for now, consider; What is the problem? Who is affected? What course of action (if any) should be taken to remedy the problem? And most importantly, involve everyone.
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