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Plea to Mueller neighbors for clear sidewalks
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Mueller Community

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Plea to Mueller neighbors for clear sidewalks
by lasp4448 on June 27th, 2013

Soooo.... After reading the thread, you still had plants growing over the sidewalk that someone trimmed for you without your permission? And this means that they did NOT turn you in to the "Association" for a formal reminder and possible fine? And this is a problem because...??? As discussed in the thread, most people who are walking are not going to stop to knock on doors (especially if it's dark). The plea was to make the sidewalks clear. For my part, I'll repeat my offer: Send me a private message if you wish me to bring my trimmers. I've already helped two neighbors - one with a mess of honeysuckle, the other with rosemary over the sidewalk. I'll be glad to help anyone else.
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Mueller Community

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Plea to Mueller neighbors for clear sidewalks
by Gil on June 27th, 2013

It's just not OK for other people to cut my plants. If my yard bothers people that much, then please either come and talk to me or if that's too uncomfortable, go ahead and complain to Jennifer Harvey at Alliance. Had the person who did this been willing to talk with us instead of taking matters into their own hands, they would have found homeowners who do care about our yard and do take the time to trim plants regularly. I would have mentioned that I just got back in town after being away in Colorado for several days and didn't have time to trim plants before I left. I would have said that we know our yard needs a trim and we plan to work on it this coming weekend. We actually share the general desire for clear sidewalks, but really do object to unsolicited landscaping. I am not about to go and cut another person's plants without permission, no matter how much they might be blocking a sidewalk. Should our yard trouble people in the future, I hope they will be willing to address the issue differently. I really didn't intend to get into a debate, so I'll step back and let others continue to discuss if desired. Just wanted to share my thoughts as it seems the actions being suggested and offered here may have found their way to my property.
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Brett Cronin
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C. Frimire
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Plea to Mueller neighbors for clear sidewalks
by C. Frimire on June 29th, 2013

My goodness!
When I originally expressed concern that roving, vigilante, shear-wielding pruners might take it upon themselves to hack and cut away other people's plants that encroached on the sidewalk right of way, I was intentionally suggesting what I considered to be the logical extreme - as a means of demonstrating the absurd nature of obsessing over, yet resisting conversing with the owners of, plants that touched us during our runs and walks.

Having touched a nerve, I was accused of being ridiculous, and ad hominem being the favorite rhetorical device of the indignant, it was not long before I was labeled a "troll".

I receded and let the fires burn unabated while the self righteous flamed and spit themselves into a great conflagration.

And now, I read, someone has taken it upon him or herself to break and twist branches, stalks, and any other plant life that dares to touch an innocent passerby. Not after attempts to contact the owners, but as a unilateral step to eradicate the offense.

This is dystopian. And sad.

There is no need to be afraid of your neighbors. Sure some of them might disagree with you, perhaps even passionately, but for goodness sake, whoever has decided to start secretly manhandling other people's plants, please take a step back and recognize that this is a severe over reaction to a problem that could be solved much more easily and might even afford you the opportunity to meet and befriend the people you live around.

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