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suspicious truck in Mattie St. alley 5/20 around 8:00am
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C. Frimire
Mueller Community

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Joined on August 2nd, 2009
suspicious truck in Mattie St. alley 5/20 around 8:00am
by C. Frimire on May 22nd, 2013

Reasonable? Neighborliness? Blessing?

Reread the original post. Two vague reasons, followed by an awkwardly delivered third reason which is basically: that the brown dude driving this truck listens to a Spanish language radio station (and apparently he likes it enough to put two of their promotional stickers on his bumper).

That's xenophobic. We all know it is, and even Brent hems and hahs and feigns embarrassment that this is what truly motivated his low speed pursuit of and the eventual posting of this picture of an unsuspecting, yet "suspicious" brown man driving in the alley. Personally, I think the expression on his face is one of uncertainty. Perhaps he his saying to himself "¿Por qué este hombre toma una foto? ¿No debería estar pasando a trabajar como el resto de nosotros?"

Charles "the two buck Chuck" Frimire
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Mueller Community

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Joined on April 24th, 2009
suspicious truck in Mattie St. alley 5/20 around 8:00am
by arqui_barr on May 23rd, 2013

Well it's settled. Obviously, Brent and I can never be friends.
Thank you Chuck for giving us all a quick 3 step checklist to test one's potential for a positive relationship with Brent.

a. Hispanic - Check - Yep, I'm Hispanic ... or am I Latino, hmm...
b. Turn Signal Use - Check - Signals are in working order and proudly used in alleys, especially the Mattie Alley, since I live on Mattie Street.
c. Construction Site Parking - Check - I'm an Architect and frequently park at construction sites.

Sorry to report Brent, but after following this convenient checklist, and understanding that you probably will not recognize my vehicle, we probably have no hope of having a positive interaction.

I do, however, promise to smile when you take my picture, but please blur my license plate number when you post the picture of my vehicle to CitiCite.


Martin Barrera

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S. A.
Mueller Community

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Joined on August 31st, 2009
suspicious truck in Mattie St. alley 5/20 around 8:00am
by S. A. on May 23rd, 2013

This thread has been addressed among neighbors. However, I would like to include a comment from someone who has seen the evils that can stem from racial profiling...

"Beware the moments when facts seem to confirm prejudices. Such times are traps, when the well-meaning are misled and the mean-spirited gain confidence".

Arthur Teitelbaum,
Former official of the Anti-Defamation League
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Ron Garza
Mueller Community

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Joined on January 14th, 2013
suspicious truck in Mattie St. alley 5/20 around 8:00am
by Ron Garza on May 23rd, 2013

Thanks to those who have posted reassuring (to me) messages, as well as those that have sent me private messages. The rest will look back on this someday like we now look at segregation and smoking in offices and women not voting. It's the maturing of America.

I too have avoided the temptation of turning this thread into a rout. Trust me, I was tempted when someone brought up immigration. So dark-complexioned people are automatically immigrants. Interesting. I would wish that someone would treat them with such arrogance someday, but then that would be sinking to that level.
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Rahm McDaniel
Mueller Community

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Joined on November 27th, 2010
suspicious truck in Mattie St. alley 5/20 around 8:00am
by Rahm McDaniel on May 23rd, 2013

I'm about to buy an F150, is there a list of Mueller trusted radio station bumper stickers posted anywhere?

Thanks in advance!
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